Original Works Fundraiser

Children will always be creative and parents, friends, teachers and others will cherish and admire their creativity.  As the #1 art based fundraiser in the country,  Original Works provides a unique vehicle to productively recognize and memorialize children’s artwork by transforming it into full color, practical, and special products, for everyday or occasional use.

Talk to your art teacher for more information about this  wonderful opportunity to support student artistic endeavors!

At RMAE, Original Works is an annual fundraiser – typically offered in October with ordered items typically arriving in late November.  We hope that you are able to participate and support our school!


Link to PayPal to make a donation


Safeway and King Soopers Gift Card Fundraiser

Help RMAE While Doing Your Grocery Shopping!


How Does The Program Work?

Purchase a  re-loadable KingSoopers grocery card for $5.00 and/or a Safeway grocery card for $10.00. You will receive a card with the $5 or $10 credit in the mail. Take it to the customer service desk and reload it, up to $500, when doing your shopping . Cards can also be loaded at check out before any items are scanned.

Re-loadable grocery cards can be used to purchase anything
at KingSooper or Safeway, (including fuel and prescriptions) except for services.
Exempt Services: Western Union Money Orders, Ticket Master,
Postage Stamps, Lottery Tickets and other Gift Cards.

Please keep in mind:   1. The cards MUST be purchased through RMAE.   2. Previous year cards will still earn money as long as they haven’t had a zero balance for more than 90 days.  If they have had a zero balance for 90 days, new cards will need to be purchased.

Purchase King Soopers Card

Purchase a Safeway Card


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