Elementary Music – Bloom

Name:  Claudia Bloom

Originally from: Green Valley, Arizona

About:  I grew up in Elkhart, Indiana which at that time was the music instrument capital of the world.  Nearly all instruments were manufactured in this relatively small town.  Music was huge there, and we all played instruments either in the band or orchestra and most took private lessons.  Many famous musicians and singers came to perform in Elkhart.  Needless to say, I grew up with a tremdous love and appreciation of music.

What I try to instill in my students as a teacher is the same passion for music that I have.  I want their experience in my classes to be fun and enriching.  We learn about great composers and listen to their music.  We learn the elements of music through practice and games.  Singing and performing is a part of the music experience as well.  I also offer a full band and orchestra program, which includes performing at concerts,  in All-County Honor Band and Orchestra, and in the Jeffco Solo and Ensemble Festival as well.

Favorite Quote:  “Music is a moral law.  It gives soul to the universe, wings , to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything”…………Plato

Interesting Fact:  Tchaikovsky suffered many mental breakdowns and neuroses and believed that his head would fall off.  That is why when he conducted, he would hold on to his head with his left hand.

Band and Orchestra Rehearsal Schedule:

                              Mon.                  Tues.                  Wed.                  Th.

3:25-3:55       Beg. Orch.       Int. Bnd           Beg. Orch.         Beg. Orch.

4:00-4:30      Beg. Bnd.        Int. Orch.         Beg. Bnd              Int. Bnd

4:30-5:15                                    Chamber         Int. Orch        

Important Information:  * I communicate with parents via email.  Please check your emails daily for information about the instrumental music program.  Also make sure I have correct email information for both parents.