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Special Education and Counseling

The goal of the RMAE counseling and mental health team is to ensure that children are safe and happy while in school. In addition, guidance services also include helping with the management of children’s academic progress.

  • Provide counseling to children
  • Provide consultation to teachers regarding children’s behavior
  • Test children for special services
  • Provide assistance in children’s academics through involvement in Kindergarten Screening, MCAS testing, MAPS testing, and other testing situations
  • Attend meetings regarding children’s needs
  • Assist in identifying children with needs through Instructional Suport Team meetings
  • Assist famlies in accessing community resources, when needed

Issues arise during the school day that sometimes impact school learning. These issues include separation problems, difficulty with schoolwork and social skills challenges. The RMAE support team is responsible for providing individual and group counseling in reference to school related problems. Sometimes there are problems that arise during the day that require problem solving. In those cases, they can provide quick “problem solvers” so that children can resolve issues and return to schoolwork as fast as possible.


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