Often times, people make time to communicate bad news but they do not take the time to communicate the good news. Saying that we are pleased with Mrs. Grose would be a grave understatement. We heard from other families that she was a wonderful teacher and we are now experiencing that for ourselves. Our son Andrew is a student in Mrs. Grose’s class and he literally lights up when he talks about her. The other day we were talking about his first days of Kindergarten and he said, “Mom, do you know what I like about Mrs. Grose”. I responded with, “No, but please share”. Andrew said, “Mrs. Grose is kind, caring and she is very patient. She truly cares about the kids in our class. When she talks with kids you can tell that she cares about what they are saying. Mom, She has a great heart and she is a great teacher! I think I am going to learn a lot this year”.

I wanted to take a moment to share this feedback with you. Thank you for allowing me to share the feedback and the opportunity to have Mrs. Grose as a teacher.

Heather Tausel, 1st Grade Parent

Teaching at a Random Acts of Kindness School has made my job an actual enjoyment. So much so, that I enjoy coming to work each day.

Sharon Narans, RMAE Teacher for 10 years and Kiwanis Teacher of the Year

We chose RMAE for its small class sizes, caring teachers and the “family-like” atmosphere of the RMAE school community. We also like the Core Knowledge curriculum which both our kids got started on at the RMAE Preschool.

Kyle and Mary Stults, RMAE Parents

My transformation from Rocky Mountain Academy was very smooth in Mullen High School. I finished my first trimester with four A’s and one C. I never thought my learning experiences here would create such a great basis for my learning foundation. Right now my class in high school is just reviewing greater things ahead. All my siblings, (who did not go here as long as I have), struggled while going into high school, while I have had it to be amazing. Overall I would never have been able to do so well if I did not go to Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen.

Grace C., RMAE Graduate

What an honor to be a teacher at RMAE!  I love my Kindergarten class!  It is so beneficial to the students to have a smaller class size.  We are already learning and accomplishing great things.  I look forward to the success my students will achieve this year.

Mrs. Vernon, Kindergarten Teacher


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