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Young Artists Spreading Kindness – Seventh graders Jade Barron and Rorie Gearhart just completed their portraits for The Memory Project. This is a special opportunity that middle school art teacher, Brinda Pumphrey, offers to students each year. The Memory Project is a nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their students to create portraits for youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as neglect, abuse, loss of parents, or extreme poverty. The intent of the portraits is to help the children feel valued and important and to know that people care about their well-being. For the art students, this is an opportunity to creatively practice kindness and global awareness. The portraits are drawn from photographs that they receive. Both girls have been working very hard on the project since January did a great job. The portraits will be delivered to the youth sometime this summer. Thank you girls for extending RMAE kindness around the globe!

by Jade Barron
by Rorie Gearhart


August 15, 2015



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