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Revised 2016-17 RMAE Budget (Draft)December 14, 2016

BOD Finance and Budget SlidesNovember 10, 2016

Parent Forum Financial PresentationSeptember 29, 2016

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  • Special Announcement from the Board of Directors

    July 7, 2017

    One-Year Appointment to the RMAE Board is Open

    Due to Chris Lindsay’s resignation from the Board of Directors, there exists a vacancy to which the full Board will make a one-year appointment. This appointment will happen as soon as a candidate is identified and appointed. The soonest possibility for this appointment will be the next Board meeting on Thursday, July 20.

    If interested in this appointment, please announce your interest by emailing the members of the Board. The Board’s email is With your email, include a brief statement as to your interest to serve and a short bio. Each candidate’s interest will be reviewed at the July 20 meeting along with a short interview by the board. Candidates must attend. If a candidate is not identified/appointed on July 20, then the next opportunity would be at the August meeting.

    In advance, thank you for your interest to serve RMAE.


    Amy Broxterman, President
    RMAE Board of Directors


    April 14, 2017

    Seeking Election Subcommittee Volunteer

    The RMAE Board of Directors is convening a 3-person Election Subcommittee – consisting of one parent, one teacher/staff member, and the Director – in order to conduct an election to fill three Board seats being vacated at the end of this school year.

    Accordingly, we are seeking one parent volunteer to participate on the Election Subcommittee along with a teacher/staff member and Dr. Stueven.  Duties for the role as part of the subcommittee are very basic and include: a) receiving and publishing the list of interested candidates, b) arranging and overseeing a public meeting for candidates to speak and be interviewed by the public/parents, and c) overseeing the distribution & collection of ballots and tallying the votes.

    Please contact Dr. Stueven ( or 303.670.1070) at your soonest convenience if you are interested in serving on the Election Subcommittee.  Thank you in advance for your interest in volunteering to serve on this subcommittee.

    Seeking Interested Board Candidates

    The RMAE Board of Directors is also accepting applications from interested candidates to fill the three Board seats being vacated at the end of this school year.  Each seat will be for a three year term (through 2019-20), pursuant to RMAE Bylaws as recently amended by the Board.

    Parents wishing to be candidates for election to the RMAE Board should submit a brief letter of interest with an abbreviated resume to no later than April 28, 2017.

    Current Board composition is as follows:

    2017-18 Term Expiration

    • Jim Good
    • Mike Geiger
    • Chris Lindsay

    2018-19 Term Expiration

    • Amy Broxterman
    • Don Middleton
    • Gil Gomez

    2019-20 Term Expiration

    **** 3 Seats to be filled via May 2017 election ***
    (Replacing seats currently held by Kyle Stults, Jon Warner, and Todd Crosbie)

    Election Process Timeline

    The timeline set by the RMAE Board of Directors is as follows:

    • April 14 – April 28: Candidate indications of interest accepted (
    • May 5: Public candidate forum/interview session
      • Date subject to final confirmation by Board & Election Subcommittee
    • May 9:  Ballots/electronic voting link distributed
    • May 16: Ballots/vote submissions due
    • May 19:  New Board Members announced

    Resignation from RMAE BoD

    It is with regret to inform the RMAE community, teachers, and staff of the resignation of Kyle Stults from his responsibilities as as President and member of the RMAE Board of Directors.  His resignation will be officially accepted at the next regular meeting of the BoD on May 11. Once officially accepted, his letter of resignation will be made available.

    At the May meeting a current member of the BoD will be appointed and will serve as President until the July meeting. Until then the Vice President, Amy Broxterman, will serve as Acting President. The vacancy created by Kyle’s resignation will not be filled until the elections.  Kyle’s seat had already been announced at last night’s meeting as one of the three seats open for May election. Please read other information about this

    Kyle has served this community and school with steadfast dedication and commitment to do what was best to meet the mission of RMAE, the educational interests of the students, and the long term well-being of the school. He is to be commended for his steadfastness to serve under some extraordinarily difficult circumstances these past seven months.

    Thank you, Kyle.

  • Board Memo – March 16

    Dear RMAE Community:
    Thanks to all who attended the March 9 Board meeting. For those not in attendance, we would like to provide an update on noteworthy discussion items from the meeting.

    The search for a new school Director/Principal continues. Five candidates have applied to-date, and the 15-Member Search Committee will continue to accept applications through the end of March before proceeding with the hiring process as outlined in our last Board letter. Please refer any potential candidates to the job description/application which is posted on the RMAE website. We will continue to keep you informed as the process moves along.

    The next major discussion topic concerned spring elections for the school’s Board of Directors, including how many Board seats, if any, to put up for election. The Board’s informal February survey received a strong response, with approximately fifty percent of parents & staff indicating a preference to postpone elections until next school year, while the remaining fifty percent preferred either putting three or five Board seats up for election this spring. While carefully considering this input, as well as our desire to perpetuate stability for the School’s governing body, the Board reached a general consensus that the School would be best served by putting three Board seats up for election in the spring. Upon the recommendation of the Policy Committee, we also expect to make a change to the School Bylaws which would extend the Board term to three years from the present two-year term, thus providing for a balanced rotation of the 9- member Board over time. These changes are expected to be reviewed and voted on at the April Board meeting, and a preliminary budget for the 2017-18 school year is also expected to be presented for Board review and approval as well.

    Lastly, the Board discussed several related matters regarding the RMAE Preschool. With the Preschool lease up for renewal at the end of this year, and the overall budgetary challenges of supporting the Preschool next year given lower than anticipated Preschool enrollment for 2017-18 (as well as the K-8 school’s own anticipated budget challenges for 2017-18), the Board decided that it would not take action to renew the facilities lease with Congregation Beth Evergreen (CBE). However, based on intentions expressed by CBE, we do expect that a preschool program, (likely in the same form/structure as the present program), will be offered next year, albeit under the management and direction of CBE rather than in direct affiliation with RMAE. Please direct any questions concerning this topic to Dr. Stueven.

    One final note that RMAE Annual Giving campaign continues, with your generous donations pushing the school close to 60% of its fundraising target of $45,000. Thank you all for your generous support of the school. Contributions are still welcome – online donation link here – and again, your support of RMAE is very much appreciated!

    Most Sincerely,

    Your Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Board of Directors:
    Kyle Stults, President
    Mike Geiger, Secretary
    Gil Gomez, Treasurer
    Amy Broxterman, Vice President
    Jim Good, Parent Representative
    Chris Lindsay, Parent Representative
    Todd Crosbie, Parent Representative
    Jon Warner, Parent Representative
    Don Middleton, Community Rep

  • Board Memo – February 21

    Dear RMAE Community:

    Thanks to all who attended the February 9 Board meeting. For those not in attendance, we would like to provide an update on noteworthy discussion items from the meeting.

    First, a reminder that the search for a new school Director/Principal is underway. The job description/application has been posted on numerous job boards/websites including Jeffco, the Colorado League of Charter Schools, RMAE and others. Finding the best and most qualified candidates for the role is critical to the process, which is why your support in helping spread the word is also appreciated – feel free to share the job description/application on LinkedIn, Facebook or wherever else you think would help us attract applicants.

    The process is being led by the recently formed Search Committee. The 15-member Search Committee has broad representation across parents, teachers and staff, many of whom also represent various school leadership groups and other key constituencies (Board, teachers, aides, administration, PTO, and SAC). We are also happy to have the involvement of Tim Matlick, Academic Director at Jeffco on the committee. Members of the Search Committee presented a three-stage screening process and timeline to the Board. The three-stage process consists of 1) initial screening of applications by the Search Committee, 2) Search Committee interviews (note: these will be open to the public to observe – more details to be provided), and lastly, 3) recommendation of the three most qualified candidates to the Board. The Board will then set dates/times to interview the finalists and make a hiring decision. We will continue to keep you informed as the process moves along.

    Another topic of note was the Board’s discussion of the election process, including a review of the election process as governed by the Bylaws and other considerations. The overarching goal is to ensure that we perpetuate stability for the School’s governing body as its transitions to a new school year with a new Director/Principal. To help further inform our decision as how best to proceed, we are requesting that you please take 1-minute to respond to a 1-question survey. The Board elections/election process will again be discussed and formalized at the March Board meeting.

    Lastly, a reminder that RMAE Annual Giving is ongoing, and as of this week, approximately 31 families have donated almost $25,000 to the school (more than 50% of the way to the target of $45,000!). Please remember to send in your donations (PDF form) or go online to contribute to RMAE – your support of RMAE is especially important and very much appreciated this year!

    With Thanks for Your Continued Support,

    Your Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Board of Directors:
    Kyle Stults, President
    Mike Geiger, Secretary
    Don Middleton, Community Rep
    Amy Broxterman, Vice President
    Jim Good, Parent Representative
    Chris Lindsay, Parent Representative
    Gil Gomez, Treasurer
    Todd Crosbie, Parent Representative
    Jon Warner, Parent Representative

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