RMAE Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is the policy setting and governing entity of the school. We are authorized or “chartered” by Jefferson County to operate this school. RMAE must meet State and County minimum standards. Charter schools are allowed autonomy to choose a core curriculum and campus culture in exchange for assuming financial responsibility for the school campus facilities.

We have one employee, the school Director, who is responsible for the staffing and day-to-day management of the school.

The Board meets at least six times per year, covering topics such as finance and budget, achieving academic standards, Director’s goals and accountability, strategic planning, bylaws and handbooks, BOD evaluation, election of future BOD members, and other pertinent matters.

Contact the RMAE Board:  rmaeboard@rmae.org
All emails sent to this address are automatically distributed to all Board members.


RMAE and the Board are defined by and governed by our Bylaws and Policy Book. These two documents lay out the basic powers, limitations, responsibilities, and procedures of the Board. Please follow the links below to access these documents.

Bylaws of the Board of Directors (updated August 11, 2016)

Policy Book

Board Elections

RMAE Board elections are held annually in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Board Bylaws.

News from the Board

Special Announcement from the Board of Directors

July 7, 2017

One-Year Appointment to the RMAE Board is Open

Due to Chris Lindsay’s resignation from the Board of Directors, there exists a vacancy to which the full Board will make a one-year appointment. This appointment will happen as soon as a candidate is identified and appointed. The soonest possibility for this appointment will be the next Board meeting on Thursday, July 20.

If interested in this appointment, please announce your interest by emailing the members of the Board. The Board’s email is rmaeboard@rmae.org. With your email, include a brief statement as to your interest to serve and a short bio. Each candidate’s interest will be reviewed at the July 20 meeting along with a short interview by the board. Candidates must attend. If a candidate is not identified/appointed on July 20, then the next opportunity would be at the August meeting.

In advance, thank you for your interest to serve RMAE.


Amy Broxterman, President
RMAE Board of Directors