Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen was founded in 1999 by a group of Evergreen area community members who saw an opportunity to further enrich our community by building an education option within our regional school district. Wanting to differentiate through curriculum, size and scope, our founders selected the Core Knowledge curriculum as our foundation and public charter as our organizational structure.

RMAE Overview

Being a K-8th Public Charter School allows us to strategically manage our school in a manner similar to that of a private school while being able to offer our programs free of tuition to our children. As a public charter school, we are held to extremely high accountability standards and benefit from an internal checks-and-balances system as a result of our district support, Executive Director and elected Board of Directors leadership, our founding charter and curriculum quality control provided through Core Knowledge.

In addition to our K-8th program, we are now offering a middle school, homeschool support program.


RMAE Overview

The homeroom teachers work as teams and share strengths across classrooms, and teacher aids enable us to provide personalized differentiation solutions so that the needs of all ability levels, ranging from learning disabilities to gifted and talented, are met within the classrooms so students are appropriately challenged while being allowed to mature in a diverse classroom environment.

We also provide Physical Education, Art, Music and Technology education to all students. A major part of our curriculum involves social development and community involvement, and we provide our students with numerous opportunities throughout the year to make a difference in each other’s lives, as well as in our local community. Fourth and fifth grade students also receive Spanish instruction.


Middle School

Our Middle School staff has built a program that delivers strategic leadership focused on meeting both the academic and emotional needs of our students during this transitional period of development in every child’s life. Through our small class sizes, close collaboration and caring, our teachers stay in tune with and respond to the needs of our Middle School students. Our alumni have consistently reported to us that they entered high school feeling confident and well prepared.

Like our elementary school, our Middle School constantly strives to provide our students with opportunities to expand perspectives, exercise talents and develop purposeful goal development and problem-solving skills. All Middle School students study Art, Music and Spanish in addition to their core academic subjects and quarterly electives. Every school year begins with a 3-day teambuilding retreat where all three Middle School grades come together to achieve common ground. In the spring, each grade takes its own weeklong trip to places like Snow Mountain Ranch, Keystone Science Camp and Sea Camp in San Diego, California. PTO sponsored fundraisers help to pay for these trips.