Mission/Vision/Our Core Virtues

RMAE Mission

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen inspires each student to pursue personal and academic excellence through an intellectually challenging Core Knowledge curriculum within a nurturing environment.


RMAE Vision

RMAE envisions a community of parents, teachers, students and educational and business leaders working together to create a learning environment that encourages growth in character, academic achievement and the love of learning, resulting in responsible, productive citizens.


Our Core Virtues – 2017/18

During the school year, RMAE students focus on character education with one virtue assigned to each month of the school year.


Respect – Treating others politely and kindly
Responsibility – Doing your part for the groups that make us whole


Self controlstopping to think about my actions before I enact them

Self-discipline – giving the best of ourselves and saying “no” to our weaknesses


Wonder – Wonder is to stand in awe of the unexplained, the first step on the path to knowledge.


Charity – Charity is giving of the heart, soul and mind and self-less giving to those in need.


Courage – Doing what is right in the face of fear.  Courage if finding the strength to venture and persevere.


Love of Country – being devoted to our nation – loving its ideals, honoring its heroes, respecting its past, and working hard for a just and noble future.


Faithfulness – standing by those we love, those we serve and what we believe


Graciousness and Courtesy – Graciousness is acting kindly, courteously, and making another feel special.  Courtesy is showing respect through kindness, politeness and consideration of another.


Joy – Joy is the fullness of spirit that blooms from the loving heart.