Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RMAE charge tuition?

RMAE is a public charter school and does not charge tuition. Just like any other neighborhood public school, there are fees associated with various grade levels.

Are uniforms required at RMAE?

RMAE has a dress code policy. Simply, students must wear either a navy blue or khaki brown pair of pants, pair of shorts, skirt, or dress. Students must wear a collared shirt (either button up or polo-style) that is white, red, navy blue, or hunter green. For the complete dress code policy, please refer to our Family Handbook.

Are test scores considered when selecting students?

Test scores are not considered when selecting students. It is recommended that parents who have children with IEP’s and or 504′s contact the Special Education Department at RMAE. 303-670-1070

How can I enroll my child (ren) at RMAE?

The first round of choice enrollment opens in early January and ends in late January. The choice enrollment window is determined by Jeffco Public Schools and all forms are provided by the district. For more information about enrolling your child at RMAE, including the enrollment window and forms, please contact Kate Collier at

What is a Charter School?

A Charter School is a public school of choice, founded by a group of parents, educators or community members. Charter schools are authorized by either a school district or private authorizer. The philosophy and operation of a charter school are independent of the school district, reflecting the beliefs of the school’s charter. Charter school’s do, however, carry a public obligation and overall are accountable to the local school district and or the Colorado Department of Education. Charter schools are non-religious, non-sectarian and do not discriminate in their admission policies. Student enrollment is limited only by space availability.

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen is a Jefferson County public school serving preschool through 8th grade. As a public school, Half-Day kindergarten through 8th is tuition free. RMAE presents a Core Knowledge Curriculum and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of parents, staff and community members with the Jefferson County School District as oversight responsibilities for the school.

How are Charter schools different from public schools?

There are three types of schools recognized by the State of Colorado: Public, Private, and Home Schools. Of the three types of schools, only public schools receive funding from the state. Public schools can be separated into two types: traditional “neighborhood” schools and Charter schools. Charter schools receive only the designated Per Pupil Revenue funding from the state, while all facility, program, and material needs are the responsibility of RMAE. Charter schools are freed of the bureaucracy often found in larger school districts and are governed by a local board instead of the district’s school board. For more information about Charter schools go to The Colorado League of Charters at

Other Charter Facts

• Charter schools use non-discriminatory enrollment practices.
• There are no “test-in” requirements to attend charter schools.
• In 2012-13, it is projected that over 80,000 students will attend over 190 charter school campuses in Colorado This represents nearly 11% of total K-12 public school enrollment in the state.Coloradocharter schools continue to attract a variety of students and are located in diverse geographical areas across the state.
• Charter school students must take the CSAP.
• Charter schools are subject to the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
• Charter school teachers must be “highly qualified” under NCLB.
• Charter schools serve a broad range of diverse students, including low-income, high performing or gifted, racial and ethnic minorities, and students with disabilities or other special needs.

What is the annual giving campaign?

Although RMAE receives the same per pupil funding as neighborhood schools, the school does not receive any assistance from the District with regard to facilities, materials, or curriculum. To help compensate for the significant difference, the Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Foundation promotes an annual giving campaign in the fall. The annual giving campaign has two goals:
1. 100 percent family participation at any donation level
2. Raising a specific amount of money for the given school year

Why are RMAE families asked to donate to support the school?

Since Charter schools only receive Per Pupil Revenue from the state they have significantly less resources than neighborhood schools. The difference is made up, in part, by parent volunteer hours. Families at RMAE provide much needed support of our school, whether they help in classrooms or with campus supplies and care. There are many opportunities, both in and out of school, for parents to volunteer. The Board, the RMAE Foundation, and The RMAE PTO all work together to create the many fundraising opportunities such as; Auctions, Golf Tournaments, Food Sales, Annual Giving and much more! The RMAE PTO coordinates all volunteers. Parents are asked to self-report their family’s volunteer hours.

How does a wait list work?

After all classes have been filled, parents with interested students are placed on a wait list. When a spot opens up, parents are called and have a 24 hour response time to notify RMAE as to their decision. If no response is received the next family on the waitlist is contacted. The wait list is cleared on September 1st of each year.

For more information about enrolling your child at RMAE, including the enrollment window and forms, please contact the Enrollment Secretary at
303-670-1070 or
Levels for Enrollment Lottery
1. In-District Sibling
2. Out of District Sibling
3. Family resides in Jefferson County
4. Family resides outsideJeffersonCounty (e.g.ClearCreekCounty)
How does RMAE meet the needs of Gifted/Talented students?
Whether a student is bright or truly gifted/talented (in the top five percentile), RMAE has talented teachers who differentiate in the area of strength for each student. Teachers collaborate with one another and involve parents to meet the academic needs of children in their class.

What does the RMAE Board do?

The RMAE Board sets the mission and vision for the school.JeffcoSchool District has delegated some of its authority to the RMAE Board, notably in the area of curriculum, as RMAE offers the Core Knowledge Curriculum. The Board is comprised of nine members: six parent members, one community member, one teacher representative, and the Director. For more information about the RMAE Board, please visit our Board page.