Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

Our Core Virtues

Our Core Virtues 

During the school year, RMAE students focus on character education virtues with one value assigned to each month of the school year.

Respect-Treating others politely and kindly
Responsibility: Doing your part for the groups that make us whole

Wisdom – Knowledge of the things that matter
Courage – Doing what is right in the face of fear

Duty – Doing our part, living up to our obligations
Empathy – Trying to understand another’s thoughts and feelings

Charity – Self-less giving to those in need
Gratitude – Thankfulness for the gift of life and the gifts in life

Forgiveness – Having enough heart to let go of hurt
Honesty/Truthfulness - loving the truth, telling the truth, and living truthfully in word and deed

Loyalty – being faithful and true to our duties, relations, and ideals
Patience – power to wait peacefully

Perseverance – pushing on despite difficulty and hardship
Self-discipline – giving the best of ourselves and saying “no” to our weaknesses

Self control - stopping to think about my actions before I enact them
Kindness – caring for each other in all we do and say

Integrity – living life faithful to good principles and high ideals
Wisdom – knowledge of the things that matter

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