School Accountability Committee (SAC)

SAC Committee

Accountability, Accreditation and Assessment of Curriculum

What is SAC?

The State of Colorado requires all schools to have a School Accountability Committee (SAC).

Comprised of the school’s director, teachers, staff, parents and community members, SAC serves in an advisory role to the director and board of directors regarding the school’s academic performance.

What Does SAC Do?

Based on state and district policies, a SAC is asked to perform the following:

  • Make recommendations regarding spending priorities
  • Provide input to the state required school Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)
  • Meet at least quarterly to discuss the implementation of the school’s improvement plan and review the school’s performance against the plan
  • Provide input regarding the director’s development plan and evaluation
  • Help increase the level of parent engagement within the school community

How Does SAC Do This?

Here at RMAE, SAC meets monthly to help achieve its stated goals. With the use of the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) and the RMAE Surveys (parent, staff and student), SAC is able to create yearly goals and objectives, as well as provide recommendations to the director and board of directors regarding the school’s performance.

SAC Membership

RMAE parents and staff are encouraged to join SAC. New positions are available each spring, and terms are two years in length. A member can serve no more than two consecutive terms (4 years), however a member can return to serve again in future years.

SAC Meetings

All SAC meetings are open to the public. We encourage teachers, staff members and parents to join our meetings at any time. Each meeting begins with the opportunity for open comment, providing the chance for anyone to express an opinion or concern.

It is required by the state that all SACs post their meeting times, agendas and meeting minutes. Please refer to the RMAE website and calendar for this information.


RMAE AAA Committee
Last Name First Name Representative Email Phone
1 Anderson Kelli BOD Representative 303.579.0665
2 Arnold Russ Parent Representative 720.737.8429
3 Benninger Laura Teacher Representative (MS) 757.719.2161
4 Boyle Andrew Parent Representative 720.402.1484
5 Courtney Jeff Parent Representative 303.883.9155
6 Egan Kim Chair 303.638.3803
7 Ferrere Sue Parent Representative 303.679.6024
8 Gordon Mary Teacher Representative (ES) 303.620.6713
9 Hadsell Cheryl Parent Representative 303.829.9282
10 Harrell Roberta RMAE Director 303.956.1506
11 Hyslop Laurel Parent Representative 303.249.7726
12 Lamas Natasha Parent Representative 303.304.4613
13 Taylor Marcie Community Representative 303.921.3516

 RMAE 2014-2015 Surveys

Hello RMAE Community,

We’d like to thank everyone for participating in the RMAE 2014-2015 Survey. We had a great response from parents, staff and students. We have summarized the results, and would like to share them with you. There are a lot of wonderful things happening at RMAE, including a strong school community, high academic standards, and great teachers and staff.

We encourage you to take a look at the summarized results to see what students, staff and parents said about RMAE.

Once again, we thank you for all of your support of our wonderful school.

Best wishes
RMAE SAC (School Accountability Committee)
formally AAA

2014-2015 Parent Survey Results (on Dropbox)

2014-2015 Staff Survey Results (on Dropbox)

2014-2015 Middle School Survey Results (on Dropbox)

2014-2015 Elementary School Survey Results (on Dropbox)

RMAE Parent Survey 2014-2015 (on RMAE server)

RMAE Staff Survey 2014-2015 (on RMAE server)

RMAE Middle School Survey 2014-2015 (on RMAE server)

RMAE Elementary School Survey 2014-2015 (on RMAE server)


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