School Info


Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen was founded in 1999 by a group of Evergreen area community members who saw an opportunity to further enrich our community by building an education option within our regional school district. Wanting to differentiate through curriculum, size and scope, our founders selected the Core Knowledge curriculum as our foundation and public charter as our organizational structure.


Being a K-8th Public Charter School allows us to strategically manage our school in a manner similar to that of a private school while being able to offer our programs free of tuition to our children. As a public charter school, we are held to extremely high accountability standards and benefit from an internal checks-and-balances system as a result of our district support, Executive Director and elected Board of Directors leadership, our founding charter and curriculum quality control provided through Core Knowledge.

RMAE Mission

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen inspires each student to pursue personal and academic excellence through an intellectually challenging Core Knowledge curriculum within a nurturing environment.

RMAE Vision

RMAE envisions a community of parents, teachers, students and educational and business leaders working together to create a learning environment that encourages growth in character, academic achievement and the love of learning, resulting in responsible, productive citizens.

Our Core Virtues 

During the school year, RMAE students focus on character education with one virtue assigned to each month of the school year.

Faculty and Staff

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RMAE Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is the policy setting and governing entity of the school. We are authorized or “chartered” by Jefferson County to operate this school. RMAE must meet State and County minimum standards. Charter schools are allowed autonomy to choose a core curriculum and campus culture in exchange for assuming financial responsibility for the school campus facilities.

For more information, go to our Board of Directors page.

School Accountability Committee (SAC)

The State of Colorado requires all schools to have a School Accountability Committee (SAC).

Comprised of the school’s director, teachers, staff, parents and community members, SAC serves in an advisory role to the director and board of directors regarding the school’s academic performance.

For more information, go to our SAC page.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Parent Teacher Organization. The RMAE PTO includes all parents and/or legal guardians of students who currently attend RMAE elementary/middle school and preschool, as well as all current faculty and staff of RMAE. RMAE enjoys outstanding involvement of parents in many ways.  It is through this support that we are able to provide extra programs, projects, activities, etc.

RMAE’s Parent Teacher Organization is invaluable in its purpose to organize volunteers and its support of  special projects and fundraisers for our school. Please contact the PTO to find ways for your family to get involved.

For more information, go to our PTO page.