School Closures & Delays

Generally RMAE will follow Jeffco District in determining snow days.

However, RMAE has the prerogative to call a snow day when necessary even if the District has not.

If winter weather or some unforeseen circumstance requires that RMAE close for the day, please tune into the following television/radio stations for announcements and updates.   You will also be notified by the Jefferson County Campus Messenger via your home phone and/or e-mail.

The following radio stations will announce the closure from 6:00 a.m. throughout the morning:  KHOW 630, KOA 850, KYGO 98.5, KOSI 101.5 FM, KBPI 105.9 FM, and KOOL 105.

School closures will also be announced on the following television stations:  KCNC (Channel 4), KMGH (Channel 7), KUSA (Channel 9) and WB2 News.

Parents shall have the option to bring their children to school late due to weather conditions due to carpooling and the lack of public transportation at RMAE. Parents may also choose to pick up their children early in the case of inclement weather.