PTO is looking for new volunteers

Come to a reorganization meeting on Wednesday, May 5, at 1:30 to be a part of the PTO going forward.

Below are the general job descriptions of positions needing to be filled:

President – Supervise and control all the activities of the organization.  Select and appoint the chairpersons of all Standing and Special Committees.
President Elect – Perform the duties of the President when the President is not there, and automatically becomes President after sitting President’s term has ended June 30th.
Secretary – Keep the minutes of the proceedings of the membership and the Executive Committee meetings.  Receive from the Treasurer the list of Regular Members who have paid dues.  That that all notices are duly given in accordance with the PTO Bylaws.  Post meeting agendas 48 hours or so prior to the meeting on the main office PTO Board.  Once meeting minutes are approved, post those as well.  Any fundraising flyers/order forms could be posted there as well.
Treasurer – Receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the PTO from all sources.  Make Deposits.  Make disbursements as authorized by the President, Executive Committee or membership.  Collect all membership dues.  Present a written financial report at each General Meeting and at other times as requested by the Executive committee.
VP Membership – Recruit chairpersons for committees pertaining to membership.  Work with the treasurer regarding the deposit of membership dues.  Promote PTO membership with RMAE families.
VP Preschool – Coordinate PTO membership for preschool families.  Collect preschool staff funding requests as approved by the Preschool Director.  Recruit preschool volunteers for PTO committees.
VP Community – Coordinate, Run or guide others in community building actives inside and out of the school.
VP Volunteers – Track Hours and provide opportunities.
VP Fundraising – (nothing listed in the Handbook, but on history, has managed fundraising opportunities within and outside of the school setting).
VP Middle School Fundraising – Oversee MS grade level reps/fundraising.  Note – $ goes into individual family accounts not general PTO fund.  Fundraisers are totally run by MS grade parents for sole purpose to raise $ for MS trips.
VP Communications- Manage the website, email notifications and signage for PTO.  Report on communications to the PTO Executive Committee.
K-5 Teacher Representative – Collect staff funding requests as approved by the RMAE Director.  Serve as the contact point for K-5 staff in regards to the RMAE PTO.
MS Teacher Representative – Collect staff funding requests as approved by the RMAE Director.  Serve as the contact point for MS staff in regards to the RMAE PTO.

PTO News and Events

Dining out for RMAE

Tell your neighbors, extended family and friends! e-Gift Certificates

Another easy way to support Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen. Pay $20 and receive $50 worth of e-gift certificates. RMAE PTO will receive $10 donated back on each purchase. A great way for family near and far to support our amazing school. Purchase via the link below for us to receive credit.  Good at restaurants in Evergreen and all across the country.

box-topsBox Tops for Education
Ongoing through Wednesday, October 21

Box Tops collection contest is going on now.
Every class that hits their goal will win a prize.
For more information on the program, go to

About PTO

What is PTO?

Parent Teacher Organization. The RMAE PTO includes all parents and/or legal guardians of students who currently attend RMAE elementary/middle school and preschool, as well as all current faculty and staff of RMAE. RMAE enjoys outstanding involvement of parents in many ways.  It is through this support that we are able to provide extra programs, projects, activities, etc.

RMAE’s Parent Teacher Organization is invaluable in its purpose to organize volunteers and its support of  special projects and fundraisers for our school.   Please contact the PTO to find ways for your family to get involved.

PTO’s Purpose

PTO’s purpose shall be to aid the students of RMAE by providing support for their educational and recreational needs and to promote open communication between the administration, RMAE School Board, teachers, parents, and community.

What does PTO do?

Last year, through the efforts of PTO members/volunteers and PTO sponsored events and functions, PTO raised money to support our teachers and students in the following ways:

  • RMAE Staff Training & Conferences
  • Support RMAE General Operating Expenses
  • Additional Financial Resources for Teachers
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Instructional Materials & Textbooks
  • Entrance fees into Educational activities (Spelling Bees ,Young Writers Conference, etc)
  • Funding for Technology Equipment
  • Funding for Science & Lab Equipment
  • Assistance with RMAE’s Financial Obligations
  • Support of RMAE’s Community Building Events (Community Service Day/Music Shows, etc.) 

How to join PTO

The annual membership fee per family is $30. This $30 fee goes directly to programs supporting our students.

What can I do to Support PTO?

You can help a lot by doing some very simple things!

Be A Part of PTO!

Help your child’s school be successful! The $30 PTO membership fee goes directly to programs supporting our students.


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PTO Officers

Jan Douglas –

Laurie Scheik –

Leigh Ann Margolin –

VP of Fundraising
Amy Jacobs –

VP of Fundraising
Liesl Parker –

VP of Membership
Christine Emery –

VP of Volunteer
Tonje Williams –

VP of Community Service
Rachel Workman –

VP of Middle School Fundraising
Barb Garey –

PTO Meeting Minutes

Go to our Documents page to view the PTO Minutes.


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