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 Subscribe to the Grizzly Growl ! - This Newsletter consists of school-wide news and is a highly recommended subscription, intended for all audiences.

 Subscribe to the Middle School News Bulletin - Articles and information that are specific to the Middle School population.

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Preschool | K-2nd | 3rd-5th | 6th-8th Middle School |Elementary School Specials | Middle School Specials |



 Preschool  - Michelle Grana

 Pre-Kindergarten - Louise Helliwell

  Jr-Kindergarten Level I - Marcie Newman

 Jr-Kindergarten Level II - Debbie Caruso/Shelly Lozano

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade | Scroll Down To View Elementary Specials Newsletters

 KindergartenAnna Grose

 KindergartenEmily Smit

 Grade 1Christine Riedlin

 Grade 1Jennifer Goslau

 Grade 2Karen Hines

 Grade 2Ann Hushen

3rd Grade – 5th Grade | Scroll Down To View Elementary Specials Newsletters

 Grade 3Sharon Narans

 Grade 3Cherie Mazurek

 Grade 4Betsy Bartelt

 Grade 4Mary Gordon

 Grade 5Sandra Hoban

 Grade 5Mona Vick

6th – 8th Grade – Middle School  | Scroll Down To View Middle School Specials Newsletters

 Grade 6Andrew Reynolds

 Grade 6Laura Thompson

 Grade 7/8 ENGLISH - Rachel Smith

 Grade 7/8 HISTORY - Jill Hepburn

 Grade 7/8 MATHNelson Adams

 Grade 7/8 SCIENCETony Bryant

Elementary School Specials

 Elementary School ARTKathy Saari

 Elementary School MUSIC - Claudia Bloom

 Elementary School PE - Christine Schoen

 Elementary School SPANISH - Delight Iverson

 Elementary School TECHNOLOGY - Laura Thompson 

Middle School Specials

 Middle School ARTBrinda Lane-Pumphrey

 Middle School MUSICGretchen Moritz 

 Middle School PE - Christine Schoen

 Middle School SPANISH - Delight Iverson

 Middle School TECHNOLOGY - Laura Thompson


 All of RMAE  - Beware – by subscribing to this item, the end user gets every single RMAE article, including every grade/ every class homework assignment, staff communications and more.  If you choose this route, do not  subscribe to any other option on this list or you will get duplicate emails.  Important Note: RMAE’s primary, school-wide newsletter is the Grizzly Growl (subscribe above), it contains the most important school-wide news.

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