Week of November 28th-December 2nd

This week in first week……..

Reading:  We focused on the “long e” sound and the sight words: also, family, new, other, some, and their.  Our story for the week was called, “Honey Bees” and we discussed how bees have different jobs just like people in a family have different jobs.

Grammar:  We focused on nouns this week.

Math: We have been working on collecting and analyzing data in graphs.  The students have used tally charts, bar graphs, and pictographs.

Social Studies: We have been learning about the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs.  We have learned that both groups of people believed in many gods, used circular calendars, lived in different parts of Mexico, and farmed.  Next week we will learn about the Ancient Incas and begin our unit on the 3 major world religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism).  We are having guest speakers come on Wednesday and Friday next week to teach the children about the religions.

STEM: The challenge was to build the tallest shelf for an elf.  The students used popsicle sticks and playdoh/clay to build their shelves.  There’s a rumor that an elf may be visiting our classroom next week to cause some mischief.

Core Knowledge Sayings: We learned the saying, “Hit the nail on the head!”  We learned that this saying means that you did a great job at something.  The students came up with their own scenarios and wrote about them.


-Thank you to my volunteers who helped out during reading centers this week!

-We will be completing our midyear assessments for NWEA MAP (reading and math) and Dibels (reading) during the next few weeks before break.

-We are still having students forgetting or eating all of their food during lunch.  Please make sure you are sending 2 snacks with your children even on pizza day (Wednesdays)!

-There is no school December 22nd to December 8th.  The students return to school on Monday, December 9th.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and travels safely to wherever you are going!

-We have decided to do the holiday party on Friday, December 16th.  More details to come!

Enjoy the weekend!!

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2nd Grade News December 2, 2016

We appreciate the parent volunteers this week. We are very thankful for the extra help.

Our holiday program for parents will take place on Friday, December 16th at 9:00 in the cafeteria. We will have our holiday party after the program in the classroom.

The story for this week is Pearl and Wagoner. We will be starting the unit of the War of 1812.

Be sure to send your child with warm clothing!

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Week of Nov. 29th

This week in…


Sight words: also  family  new  other  some  their  

Genre/Skills/Comprehension: Expository Nonfiction, Compare and Contrast, Preview

Activities: sequencing, fix-its, guided reading with activities, long CVCe (long e, ee), word sorts, sight word activities, -ed endings, reading words/sentences/stories and grammar practice-nouns


We continued Chapter 4-Organize and use Data

Social Studies

We continued our  Early American Civilization Unit. We will be learned about the Maya and Aztecs.

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)/STEM

*We read various RAK books

* In STEM this week, their challenge was to build a shelf for the elf to sit on.

​Communication and Happenings…​

1.  As you all know, there have been some staffing changes. I have had a week to “live” what the new norm will look like.  I am and will process where I would love to have some additional help!  On Monday I will send an email out sharing those needs.  Thank you in advance!

2. Homework Reminder- Please help your child with their writing (neatness,placement,etc).  We are striving for consistent GOOD habits.  Thank you!

3.  Thank you to all my volunteers

this week!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Hi Parents,

I just want to say how Thankful I am to be your child’s teacher.  I have the most wonderful fourth grade students and appreciate all your support this year as well! It sounds like everyone had a wonderful break and my students were settled and ready to work today.  Great job to many of my mathematicians who completed the extra credit Turkey Math and extra credit reading summaries.  I will still accept those if there are more students who want to show me their additional practice.

This week Tuesday and next week Tuesday and Thursday students will be doing NWEA testing.  They will begin reading Robin Hood and wrap up their Writing to Explain along with taking the chapter test on Multiplication.  In science we are continuing our chemistry unit with more fun investigations.  Please see the list below for your this week’s spelling.

Have a fantastic week,

Tracee Vickery

  1. element  2. solution 3. gold  4. copper 5. aluminum 6. oxygen 7. iron 8. question
  1. hypothesis 10. materials 11. procedure 12. results 13. conclusion. 14. investigation 15. model 16. dissolve 17. concentration 18. saturated 19. crystal 20. substance 21. dissolve 22.   periodic table


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PTO presents A Night of the Arts: Merry and Bright

You don’t want to miss this incredible all school holiday event!  For your enjoyment, there will be dinner, a dessert bar, a selection of local homemade vendors for your holiday shopping convenience, music and art pieces from our incredible middle school arts and music program, your student’s handmade ornament for purchase and much, much more!!

Tuesday December 6th, 5-9pm

Evergreen High School Auditorium

The event is free, but you can purchase your food and drink tickets here:

There are also many opportunities to get volunteer hours and help Merry and Bright be a success:

  • Donate desserts
    See sign up here: Dessert Bar Volunteering
  • Help us the night of the event
    We have a sign up to volunteer in a variety of ways, there is something for everyone and we need you!  That sign up is here, please fill in where you are able: Merry & Bright Volunteer Sheet


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Week of Nov. 14th

This week in…


Sight words: around  find  food  grow  under  water  

Genre/Skills/Comprehension: Expository Nonfiction, Compare and Contrast, Preview

Activities: sequencing, fix-its, guided reading with activities, long CVCe (long u), word sorts, sight word activities, -ed endings, reading words/sentences/stories and grammar practice-one more than one


We continued Chapter 4-Organize and use Data

Social Studies

We began our  Early American Civilization Unit. We will be learning about the Maya, Aztec and Incas

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)/STEM

We read  more books about duty and empathy. We played an Empathy game and learned about “I” messages. In STEM this week, their challenge was to build a tee-pee using newspaper, tape and one rubber band.  The goal was to have in “free” stand.

​Communication and Happenings…​

1.  As you all know, there have been some staffing changes.  I encourage all of you to please volunteer in the classroom.  My biggest need is during our Literacy Block 8:45-9:45. We are also looking to find a parent to cover our library time. We will have library every other Tuesday 10:30-11:15.  If you are interested, please contact me!

2. Homework Reminder- Please help your child with their writing (neatness,placement,etc).  We are striving for consistent GOOD habits.  Thank you!

3.  Thank you to all my volunteers this week!

Have a wonderful  and safe holiday!

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Week of November 14th-18th

This week in first grade…

Reading: This week we focused on the “long u” sound and -ed ending.  Our nonfiction story for the week was called, “Life in the Forest.”  Sight words for the week were: around, find, food, grow, under, and water.

Please refer to the “Resources and Links” tab on my website for additional spelling word practice on Spelling City.  The week after break, we will be on Unit 2, Week 6, “Honey Bees” if you want to start practicing the spelling words early! =

http://www.spellingcity.com/pschotters/ (link to spelling word practice games)

Math: We continued Chapter 4: Organize and Use Data.

Social Studies: We finished learning about rocks and minerals and began our unit on Early World Civilizations (Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs).

STEM: This week the students used newspaper, rubber bands, and tape to make a standing tee-pee like the Native Americans.

Other: After the night of the beautiful super moon, our class went over to Mrs. Hine’s second grade classroom to look at pictures of the moon taken by National Geographic.  During the slideshow we listened to Theo play a beautiful song called, “Moonlight.”  Great job Theo!


-Thank you to the volunteers this week!  Due to staffing changes at RMAE, I would love to have more volunteers in the classroom, especially during literacy centers from 8:45-9:45.  It would also be great to have a volunteer help out with our library time every other Tuesday from 11:15 to 11:55.  Please contact me if you are interested!

-There is no homework over break!  We all need some rest and relaxation!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Director’s Newsletter – November 18, 2016

News from the Director

These last days have been difficult for many at RMAE for different reasons.. The anticipation of these expected reductions was stressful for all. Despite all of my previous experiences and years as a school leader, I have been challenged and humbled by this responsibility to make many decisions in such a short time regarding budget reductions that impact individuals who have served RMAE well over the years. However, these reductions are necessary for RMAE’s financial health, presently and for the future. Public schools are not legally able to incur huge deficits over time like the federal government.  Expenses must be balanced with revenues.

The Board assigned me the task/responsibly to make cuts and reductions in the budget in Salaries and Benefits effective today in the range of $300,000 to $350,000. Cuts will also be implemented in the other budget categories of Purchased Services and Materials/Supplies. The overall budget reduction goal in these categories in Phase 1 is $390,000 to $470,000.

This is where Phase 1 reductions in Salaries and Benefits are at this time:

  1. The two Dean positions were cut.
  2. The previous middle school math position was consolidated with the Math Specialist Teacher position.
  3. There will be one kindergarten teacher (with an aide) for 20 students. One position was cut.
  4. First grade remains with two teachers, but with reduced aide time.
  5. Teacher staffing in Grades 2-6 remain unaffected other than the exception pending as noted in the paragraph below.
  6. The In-house Substitute Teacher position has been eliminated.
  7. Budget lines for additional admin/staff pay and substitutes have been significantly reduced.
  8. Three aide positions (one is currently shared) have been eliminated.  There will be four aides assigned to K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and Middle School.
  9. The Directors’ salary/benefit line was reduced by $25K
  10. Three of our Aides have substitute licenses and will substitute when needed and assigned by the office. The fourth Aide is making application with CDE to retain a substitute license, as well.

The budget reductions above approximate $335,000 for the remainder of the 2016-17 school year.
Following is the work on the budget (Phase 2) that remains for the Finance Committee and me:

  1. At this time no changes in schedules for Art, Music, PE, Tech, or Spanish will be implemented for the remainder of this semester. It has come to my attention that an email was sent some parents that the middle school music teacher was “let go” this week. That is not true. Please read the next item.
  2. Between the breaks, I will be working with grade levels and the specials, technology, and Spanish teachers to review all of the K-8 schedules and middle school electives. Working together, we will determine what level of resources are necessary to fill these schedules/ electives and to continue providing a quality, yet budget conscious, program into the second semester. This has been communicated to these eight professionals.
  3. I have been working with Debbie Caruso reviewing the preschool budget/costs. Adjustments will be made going into the 2nd semester. These cuts have not yet been finalized.

On another important matter, a fourth grade teacher was initially to be laid-off. However, late afternoon yesterday an unforeseen and unexpected avenue for an additional budget reduction in Phase1 was shared with me. With this lay-off no longer necessary,  contact was made with the teacher almost immediately asking her to return.  As of yet, this request has not been answered by her.

It has been a busy two weeks and I am thankful for the warm welcomes that I have received from the students, staff, and parents. Thank you for your patience.  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and relaxing, fun break.

Gary Stueven

RMAE Happenings

Wyatt Grummons RMAE Change Fund – This fund was initiated by our own 4th grade student, Wyatt Grummons.  Wyatt came to the office with 35 cents earlier this week.  He gave it to Ms. Bartlett explaining, “I found this money in my backpack and wanted to give it to the school to help out with the ‘money’.”  A large water cooler is now stationed at the main office window if you wish to contribute your spare change.  All monies will be used to support the schools financial burdens.

News from the Board

Go to the Board of Director’s page to read a memo dated November 17 from the Board.

Preschool News

Visit the Preschool’s website to get the latest on news and events at the preschool.

News from the PTO


  • Grocery Cards – Keep using your cards at King Soopers and Safeway to earn money for RMAE
  • AmazonSmile – Support RMAE every time you shop


  • Breakfast with Santa – (Dec 4)
    Come to the Wild Game on Sunday, December 4 from 8-11 a.m. for a pancake breakfast and a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Bring a camera to capture the memories. 10% of the ticket sales will be donated to RMAE. Buy your tickets in advance at the Wild Game or online at Brown Paper Tickets.
  • Night of the Arts: Merry and Bright – (Dec 6)
    Merry and Bright is quickly approaching and the music department, arts department and PTO are working tirelessly to make this an event to remember for you!  We have 2 links that we wanted to release before break so you have time to visit them in the next week and a half since Merry and Bright is 8 days after we return from break!

    • Dessert Bar Volunteering
      We are looking for donations of gourmet bakery bought items or a specialty creation that you might have and would like to make for us!  Please visit our amazing local bakeries when purchasing: Vivian’s, Kseni Mademoiselle, Dandelions, Alpine Pasteries, just to name a few.
    • Pre-purchase food, desserts and student made ornaments
      We very much encourage you to pre-purchase for the evening as you can use a credit card and make a single transaction. Remember to bring your credit card and check book the evening of for our amazing and local handmade vendors and incredible MS art pieces!  Fulfill your holiday shopping and benefit RMAE and our community!

    Thank you helping us ring in the holiday season with Night of the Arts. We are so very excited to bring this event to you!

  • More >>

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Board Memo – November 17, 2016

Dear RMAE Community,

Over the past several months our school community has faced many challenges. Throughout each one, we, as a community, have remained optimistic and understanding that these challenges are not insurmountable. Often it is in the fine balance of understanding and learning from the past, while moving and looking toward the future, that enables us to find our proper path once the dust has settled.

We are all aware that RMAE has been and continues to face a substantial budget deficit. Over the past several weeks, the Board and specifically the Finance Committee, have dedicated significant time and consideration in deciding on the best direction to take RMAE with regards to restoring the school’s financial stability. Great care was given to discussing and considering numerous options while also understanding that the path forward required making difficult decisions. In the end, the revised K-8 budget plan approved by the Board was based on making necessary and realistic expense reductions, while seeking to minimize the impact on the students and school as a whole.

We would like to assure everyone that our children and their ability to receive a high quality education are our highest priorities. The ability to realize this requires a financially stable school where school resources including staffing and other expenses are appropriately matched to the size and funding of the school. In light of our current budget situation, we would like you to be aware that several staff changes have been made, and were communicated first to impacted staff yesterday afternoon and this morning by our Interim Director, Dr. Stueven. More specifics regarding these changes will be shared to the RMAE community in a separate communication from Dr. Stueven tomorrow.

With these changes now in place, the need to heal and rebuild RMAE for the future is now as clear as ever. We are asking everyone to come together as a school community, for the ultimate benefit of our children and the education they receive. We all have a very important job ahead of us in rebuilding the school’s reputation and increasing our enrollment this year and in the future. This requires the dedicated effort of each and every one of us – please join us in supporting our wonderful school. There are many ways in which to help: volunteering time in your child’s classrooms or elsewhere on campus, join and support the PTO, become involved in or donate to the RMAE Foundation, and/or serve on one of the many the Board sub-committees which make recommendations to the Board and help implement key initiatives. As a reminder, you can view and sign-up for the various sub-committees through this link: RMAE Committee Sign-up List.

We would like to thank Jeffco Public Schools, the Colorado League or Charter Schools, and Dr. Stueven for their invaluable advice and input during this process. In particular, we are thankful for the new leadership of Dr. Stueven and his knowledge, guidance and commitment to building a successful charter school. As a community we are fortunate to have him at RMAE and we continue to appreciate and support all his efforts during these trying times.

Lastly, we would like to reiterate our optimism for the future of RMAE. The outpouring of support from everyone has been tremendous, and it is with your selfless service and dedication that the school can and will rebuild. We look forward to working alongside you in this effort. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time – you can email the entire board at: rmaeboard@rmae.org. However, please note that we are taking Nov. 23-27 to reflect and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our families and loved ones and during this time we will not be responding to any correspondence. We appreciate your understanding and will resume communications starting first thing on Monday, November 28th. We hope you have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Most Sincerely,

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Board of Directors

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Board Memo – November 16, 2016

Dear RMAE Community:

It was another gorgeous weekend and we hope that you found a way to enjoy it. We wanted to follow up on our letter from Friday to thank all of the members of the RMAE Community that have reached out with insights and offers of assistance as well as to specifically request help with several Board sub-committees that are either inactive or lack sufficient members to spread the workload.

The Board and Dr. Stueven have received a steady stream of calls, emails and letters voicing thanks, encouragement and ideas for how to improve our school. Please keep them coming. We are listening and intend to respond to each and every note. We also recently discovered our physical mailbox at the school and it was filled with welcome cards and notes. Thanks for these and the amazing name cards prepared by students for use at meetings, they provide welcome encouragement during a time that we are grappling with difficult decisions and need the support the most.

Many parents, teachers and staff have asked how they can pitch in to help the school. First and foremost, call your friends and former students who have left RMAE and encourage them to return. While the Board and Principal are taking steps to stabilize our situation, long-term enrollment must go up. Secondly, the school and Board need membership and involvement in several important Board sub-committees. The sub-committees are the subject matter experts in their respective areas and make recommendations to the Board while assisting with the implementation of initiatives in partnership with the Principal, teachers and staff.

Please use the below link to access a list of standing and essential ad hoc sub-committees together with an existing contact or, if no contact exists yet, a Board member liaison that you can contact to express interest or ask questions: RMAE Committee Sign-up List (Google Doc). Participating in a sub-committee is a great way to make a difference at RMAE and also to get your volunteering hours in.

We look forward to hearing from you and getting the chance to work together soon.

Most Sincerely,

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Board of Directors

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