Principal’s Newsletter – March 23

News from the Principal

Spring Fever – If only Tylenol would help!

At this time of year it is a pleasure to see the “early risers” beginning to sprout from the ground. However, warm weather also seems to bring with it thoughts of spring vacation, which begins tomorrow, and a sort of “spring fever” to some of our students. It’s a “fever” more prevalent this time of year with older students, but younger students are not necessarily immune. Maybe you are experiencing the same at home or for yourself, especially as the daylight hours become longer. I am not immune either.

Nonetheless, many important lessons lay ahead to finish out the rest of the school year. Please remind your child of the importance and value of self-discipline, to stay on-task with class work, and to comply with school rules. Everyone’s energy and focus needs to be on eight more weeks of learning versus managing 38 school days of reminding and disciplining students about our expectations for dress code, classroom attention, homework and general behavior.

Thank you and enjoy the official Spring which began on Tuesday and will be capped by a fun and relaxing spring break. Everyone – please return rested, ready, willing and able to make a great run for May 25th.

Gary Stueven
Your Principal


RMAE Happenings

PARCC Testing will continue for the two weeks after spring break. Well rested, well fed and well hydrated students make happy test takers! The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of states working together to develop a set of assessments that measure whether students are on track to be successful in college and careers. The test is aligned to what students are learning in the classroom and measures real-world skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking. It is only one measure of a student’s achievement.

Talent Show & Try-outs – There will be additional talent show try-out opportunities after spring break. Try-outs will be held Monday and Wednesday, April 3rd and 5th from 3:15 pm to 5:00 pm. Other arrangements can be made to accommodate students if required. The talent show is scheduled for Tuesday, April 11th 5:30 to 7:30 pm, here in the school cafeteria. Questions may be directed to Don Williams at

RMAE Carnival – Thursday, April 6, 5:30-7:30
The first Thursday after Spring Break, come for a night of fun, bring your friends from other local schools and share the creative, engaged and wonderful school we have at RMAE!

  • Drawing for an electronic device, gift certificates to Hearthfire, local restaurants and a ride with Dr. Stueven in his sweet ’57 Chevy
  • Free popcorn, cotton candy, cookie and lemonade
  • Pizza $2 a slice– free if you bring a friend!

Booths by Grade:
(Please check your class room sign ups)

  • Kindergarten & Ms. Geiger – Petting Zoo
  • 1st – Silly Wheel and Softball Toss
  • 2nd – Bowling Game, Ring toss
  • 3rd – Dice Games & Score O
  • 4th – Cup challenge, Football toss
  • 5th – Tattoos, Horse races
  • 6th – Cake walk
  • 7th – Refreshments
  • 8th – Face painting
  • Mr. Bryant – Mad Science
  • Mrs. Narans – Fortune Telling
  • Mr. Dunbar & Ms. Mortiz – Scavenger Hunt
  • Duct Tape and Pie in the Face the teachers from winning classrooms!

RMAE Parent Survey – Parents should have received the email with a link to the annual parent survey that went out on Monday. Please take the time to provide us with your feedback prior to spring break. The results will be reviewed by the School Accountability Committee (SAC), the Board of Directors, the new Principal/Director (once hired) and Dr. Stueven. Only one parent survey response per household is requested.

Elective of the Week – Cake Decorating - CakeDecorating_cropped This week we modeled character pigs out of fondant. In the coming weeks students will be learning various cake decorating skills using royal icing to make fondant flowers. CakeDecoratingPigs_croppedThere will also be opportunities for students to pursue individual interests and to create their own cakes.

Volunteer(s) Needed – We are searching for a volunteer with reasonable painting skills to give our lobby a face lift. If you can help out in this way, please contact the school office as soon as possible. Thank you!

After School Chess Club – WIZ-KIDS is a non-profit group which teaches chess to kids in after-school chess clubs. They care for each child’s progress – as a chess player and as a person. There is also an emphasis on the many vital life lessons that can be learned through chess playing. Chess has been proven to raise kids’ math test scores by 17%, along with increasing their IQ’s  and overall cognitive abilities! Class dates will be: April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 9, 16. Go to the Wiz-Kids website to enroll.

Parenting Safe Children Workshop – Red Rocks Elementary School PTA is presenting a workshop to empower adults to keep children safe from sexual abuse – Saturday, April 22nd, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. For more information, see the Parenting Safe Children Information/Flier.

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Week of March 20th

Reading: This week we read the realistic fiction story called, The Lady in the Moon.  We focused on the long i sound (igh and ie).  We also focused on silent letters such as wr, gn, and kn.  Sight words were: above, eight, laugh, moon, and touch.

Math: We finished up Chapter 9: Compare Measurements.

Grammar: We continued to learn about adjectives.

STEM: The students made paper airplanes and experimented with flying them with different amounts of weight attached.  Then we discussed how the weight affected the distance and speed.

Core Knowledge Sayings: We learned the saying, “The More the Merrier” and wrote about an example of this saying from our own lives.

Social Studies: The students did a hike around the school grounds and recorded different things that make up our community.  Then we sorted the things into three categories:  playing things, working things, and living things.  We also discussed things in the community that we depend on for safety and convenience.


Have a wonderful spring break!!!!!!

Don’t forget the carnival is on Thursday, April 6th

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Week of March 13th

This week in…

Reading- Unit 4 Week 3

Sight words: found  mouth  once  took  wild

Genre/Skills/Comprehension: Biography, authors purpose,  monitor and fix-up

Activities:  fix-its, guided reading with activities, long o (oa and ow) sounds, three letter blends, word sorts, sight word/spelling activities, reading words/sentences/stories, character writing, menu days, Young Writer stories and grammar practice- adjectives


We  continued Chapter 9- Comparing Measurements

Social Studies

This week we wrapped up our Early Exploration of the American West unit.  We learned who Lewis and Clark were and how important Sacajawea was to them.  We finished the week with our American Symbols: the eagle, flag and liberty bell


RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)/STEM

RAK- We read a book called “Giraffes Can’t Dance”. This story talked about perseverance.  After the story we talked about our Core Knowledge saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”.  The children wrote and drew examples of how they used perseverance in their life.

 STEM- The children were given an color assortments of skittles. They were asked to arrange them around the outside of a pie tin.  Then they were asked to make then drew their conclusions as to what would happen if you added hot water to the pie tin.

​Communication and Happenings…​

1. Young Writers Conference registration will close tonight at midnight.

Click here to visit the YWC website

2.  Class Pictures will be this Wednesday, March 22nd.

3. Important future dates:

April 6th-RMAE Carnival 

April 18th- Possible field trip to the Aquarium

April 2oth- Young Writers

Two possible field trips in May…stay tuned!

May 5th- Science Innovation Day- Details to come 

May 12th- Field Day

 Thank you to all our volunteers this week- at home and in the classroom!!!


Have a wonderful  weekend!

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Principal’s Newsletter – March 16

RMAE Happenings

3rd Quarter Report Cards Available Friday – Grades 3 – 8 report cards may be accessed through the parent portal beginning tomorrow.  Report cards for K – 2 will be sent home in Friday folders.

Classroom Group Photos – Next Wednesday, March 22nd.  If you wish to purchase a class photo, be sure to return your order with payment by next Monday.  If you did not receive an order form, we have extras in the office.

Jump Rope for Heart – RMAE raised $5,082.00 for the American Heart Association! The kids did an amazing job this year! I’m so proud of them. We also earned $300 to purchase new PE equipment. Thank you all for supporting the AHA and RMAE!

PARCC Testing will begin next Monday, March 20th.    Well rested, well fed and well hydrated students make happy test takers! The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a group of states working together to develop a set of assessments that measure whether students are on track to be successful in college and careers.  The test is aligned to what students are learning in the classroom and measures real-world skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking. It is only one measure of a student’s achievement.

Joe Wheeler, of Kiwanis, with our 3rd Grade Winners!

The Conifer Kiwanis reading program awards 3rd grade students and our school.  By participating in the Kiwanis reading program RMAE was awarded $1,250.  The 3rd grade top reader winners were also awarded a $50 gift certificate.  And the winners are:

  • Raya Koeva
  • Tallaby Riddle
  • Lillie Beach
  • Clare Muller
  • Enzo Africano

RMAE Parent Survey – Parents should have received the email with a link to the annual parent survey that went out on Monday.   Please take the time to provide us with your feedback prior to spring break.  The results will be reviewed by the School Accountability Committee (SAC), the Board of Directors, the new Principal/Director (once hired) and Dr. Stueven.   Only one parent survey response per household is requested.

Zach Goldenberg methodically shapes the blade of his canoe paddle with a block plane.

Elective of the Week In the Woodworking elective at RMAE, students engage in hands on learning with the creation of a canoe paddle. Woodworking students begin by coming up with a design for their canoe paddle. Students then take raw lumber, organize the lumber for both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity, and glue up the pieces to create the canoe paddle blank. After the glue up is complete, students then shape the paddle with bench planes, block planes, rasps, files, saws, and sand paper. Nearly all of the work is done without the aid of power tools. This semester-long class will culminate in a beautiful, fully functional canoe paddle ready to be taken out on the water.

The use of Audio/Visual aids in learning a foreign language – a note from Senor Geiger follows:
I use audio visual aids to enrich my instruction of Spanish on a daily basis. One of the main resources I use is a website called Rockalingua. This website has songs with videos that the children love to sing and helps with permanent retention. I encourage families to explore the website and reinforce the songs at home.

In class, I teach the class the words to the song and the translation prior to singing the song. After reviewing the song/video, I quiz the class on words and phrases in the song to ensure they are remembering the meaning.

From first to eighth grade, the kids have learned an impressive number of songs and we are able to apply it to our conversational Spanish applications. I usually start every class with a general review where each child has to answer a question in Spanish. Many times I use the songs as cues to help a child remember the appropriate response.

About once a semester, I also may show a portion of a popular movie in Spanish per class and have the kids shout out when they recognize a word in Spanish. If you play movies at home and change the language to Spanish (Netflix allows most movies to be watched in Spanish), do not turn on the subtitles to encourage their brains to start thinking in Spanish. When subtitles are on, they spend most of the time reading for comprehension instead of letting their brains make the connection between the Spanish word and the visual display.

Audio/Video instructional aids make learning Spanish fun and sticks with them for life!

17 RMAE Alumni involved in Evergreen High School’s INTO THE WOODS  – March 16th, 17th & 18th at 7pm, and 2pm on March 18th.  Purchase tickets now at

Isabella Mohr
Luke Johnson
Ryan Fesenmeyer
Nya Kingsbury
Julia Cox
Keely Ohmart
Sara Skuladottir
Madisyn Genender
Mollie Markey
Ashley Hushen
Ben Gonzales
Alex Purrington
Brooke Hager
Andrew Montesi
Will Emery
Willow Harris
Nick Weist

Our little school is quite a force in Evergreen and it makes us very proud.

Our 4th – 8th graders all enjoyed a sneak peak of the INTO THE WOODS production this week.  The kids saw the first act only, but there are still tickets available for the entire show (see link above).  While the High School has done an excellent job of staging the entire show family friendly, the second act has a story line that is darker and more disturbing.  Thus, the “young kids” warning that they post.

Parenting Safe Children workshop – Red Rocks Elementary School PTA is presenting a workshop to empower adults to keep children safe from sexual abuse – Saturday, April 22nd, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. For more information, see the Parenting Safe Children Information/Flier

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Dear Parents,

I am sending my newsletter out early, so I can remind you of several really important events:

*Young Writers Conference:  Tomorrow is the last chance to sign up for this special Mountain Area Writing Celebration. This is not just an event for your child, but there are also presentations for parents and a special guest author. Our Fourth Graders have been writing some really fun and mysterious stories in class. This is a super opportunity for them to share their writing with other young authors.  They are typing their final copies this week and creating pop-up books next week.

*PARCC Testing: Next week we begin our PARCC state standardized testing.  Please make sure your child has a good breakfast and a good night’s sleep so they can do their best on their tests.  We test math next week, Monday March 20  and Thursday March 23 two sessions each day: 9-10:40 and 1:20-3.  We will continue testing Friday April 7 for English/language Arts, and finish up the week on April 10 (TBD).

Homework: Homework will be reduced during testing- yippee!  Next week there will be no math or reading summaries due.  The spelling test will be Thursday March 23 and three spelling activities are due then as well.

Into the Woods: I hope your heard great things about yesterday’s field trip to EHS for the Into the Woods musical. If you are looking for some entertainment this weekend, tickets are still available. It was a spectacular performance! We had a great follow up discussion on Theme and talked about the lessons learned in each of the fairy tales.

Reminder: Picture needed: Students need to bring in “one picture worth a thousand words” by tomorrow. This is  our Core Knowledge saying of the month.  Students will be writing about their pictures tomorrow in class.  

Spring Break: There is no school starting Friday March 24.  Enjoy our beautiful springtime weather and have fun playing with your children.  I will see everyone back at school on Monday April 3.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Tracee Vickery

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Board Memo – March 16

Dear RMAE Community:
Thanks to all who attended the March 9 Board meeting. For those not in attendance, we would like to provide an update on noteworthy discussion items from the meeting.

The search for a new school Director/Principal continues. Five candidates have applied to-date, and the 15-Member Search Committee will continue to accept applications through the end of March before proceeding with the hiring process as outlined in our last Board letter. Please refer any potential candidates to the job description/application which is posted on the RMAE website. We will continue to keep you informed as the process moves along.

The next major discussion topic concerned spring elections for the school’s Board of Directors, including how many Board seats, if any, to put up for election. The Board’s informal February survey received a strong response, with approximately fifty percent of parents & staff indicating a preference to postpone elections until next school year, while the remaining fifty percent preferred either putting three or five Board seats up for election this spring. While carefully considering this input, as well as our desire to perpetuate stability for the School’s governing body, the Board reached a general consensus that the School would be best served by putting three Board seats up for election in the spring. Upon the recommendation of the Policy Committee, we also expect to make a change to the School Bylaws which would extend the Board term to three years from the present two-year term, thus providing for a balanced rotation of the 9- member Board over time. These changes are expected to be reviewed and voted on at the April Board meeting, and a preliminary budget for the 2017-18 school year is also expected to be presented for Board review and approval as well.

Lastly, the Board discussed several related matters regarding the RMAE Preschool. With the Preschool lease up for renewal at the end of this year, and the overall budgetary challenges of supporting the Preschool next year given lower than anticipated Preschool enrollment for 2017-18 (as well as the K-8 school’s own anticipated budget challenges for 2017-18), the Board decided that it would not take action to renew the facilities lease with Congregation Beth Evergreen (CBE). However, based on intentions expressed by CBE, we do expect that a preschool program, (likely in the same form/structure as the present program), will be offered next year, albeit under the management and direction of CBE rather than in direct affiliation with RMAE. Please direct any questions concerning this topic to Dr. Stueven.

One final note that RMAE Annual Giving campaign continues, with your generous donations pushing the school close to 60% of its fundraising target of $45,000. Thank you all for your generous support of the school. Contributions are still welcome – online donation link here – and again, your support of RMAE is very much appreciated!

Most Sincerely,

Your Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Board of Directors:
Kyle Stults, President
Mike Geiger, Secretary
Gil Gomez, Treasurer
Amy Broxterman, Vice President
Jim Good, Parent Representative
Chris Lindsay, Parent Representative
Todd Crosbie, Parent Representative
Jon Warner, Parent Representative
Don Middleton, Community Rep

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Mrs. Vernon’s Kindergarten March 13-24

The Core Virtue Assembly

The Kindergarten Class did an awesome job presenting the Core Virtue Assembly on March 1st! They received lots of wonderful compliments from the entire school!


Lots of Learning Happening in Kindergarten!

In reading, the students are making good progress! The students are using reading strategies to read. They are so excited about how they are doing!

In writing, the students have been working on their books for the Young Writers’ Conference coming up on April 20, 6 to 8:30 pm at Marshdale Elementary. Please contact me if you need the link to register your child for this wonderful opportunity! Registration continues until March 17.

In math, the students have just completed a chapter about 2-D and 3-D objects. They will be beginning a unit on addition this week.  

In science, they have been learning about magnets and plants! They are so excited about what they learned about magnets. Be sure to ask them what they learned!


St. Patrick’s Day is Friday, March 17th

Be sure to have your child wear green for this special day! We will do lots of fun learning experiences!


Spring Break 2017 for RMAE!

No school on Friday, March 24 due to Teacher In-service. Spring Break will be March 27-31.  Have a fun, relaxing and safe time!  


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Director’s Newsletter – March 10

RMAE Happenings

Jump Rope for Heart update – Deadline FRIDAY – Message from Wendy Forsythe follows:I’m SO proud of all of our students at RMAE! They did an amazing job so far raising money to help kids with heart problems – $3,825.00! Please turn in envelops and/or complete your complete all online donations by Friday, March 10th. I will close out our fundraiser and the remaining student gifts will be mailed to the school within a few weeks. Please email Mrs. Forsythe with any questions.

RMAE Carnival –  Save the date:
Thursday, April 6, 5:30-7:30
Bring your family and friends to play student run games, win penny candy, eat carnival treats and have fun! Everyone who brings a non-RMAE friend also gets free dinner too. (Pizza-$2 a slice)

Booths by Grade:
(Please check your class room sign ups)

  • Kindergarten (& Ms. Geiger) –
    Petting Zoo
  • 1st – Silly Wheel and Softball Toss
  • 2nd – Bowling Game, Ring toss
  • 3rd – Dice Games & Score O Mrs. Narans-Fortune telling
  • 4th – Cup challenge, Football toss
  • 5th – Tattoos, Horse races
  • 6th – Cake walk
  • 7th – Refreshments
  • 8th – Face painting

Let’s make this the most fun-filled event of the year and show off our great staff, students, school and build our community!

Elective of the Week – (written by Anna Jermano) Mixed Grilling is a fantastic elective that is taught by the one and only Mr. Bryant. This elective is made up of thirteen 6th and 7th graders, so different grades get to interact and mesh. This quarter my elective classmates and I had many different delicious meals! From simple hot dogs and brats to various barbecued chicken parts to five stacks of ribs, everything tasted heavenly. The meals were devoured very quickly. We would usually finish two bags of chips before the meat was ready. With every meal we had chips, drinks, and desserts. Everyone had their own responsibility each week of bringing; the meat, chips, drinks, dessert, or utensils and plates. Overall, we did not have any problems with missing anything on our weekly menu. This was an amazing elective that I can’t wait to repeat next quarter!

Classroom Group Photos – classroom group order forms are being sent home in your child’s Friday folder tomorrow.  Please complete the order form and include your payment in the envelope.  Orders should be returned by the following Friday.

Evergreen High School Performing Arts is proud to present INTO THE WOODS on March 16th, 17th & 18th at 7pm, and 2pm on March 18th. “Be careful what you wish for”…Sondheim’s legendary musical intertwines fairy tale characters who enter the woods to find their own “happily ever after.” Wishes are granted and dreams come true… only to find that the path to happiness may lead to unintended consequences! An enchanting, hilarious and touching musical that is not to be missed! (Act 1 is family friendly. Please note Act 2 may contain subject matter not suitable for young children.)
Purchase tickets now.

Movies or Music? – Both!
A note from Ms. Bloom:
If your child is coming home saying that we watch movies in music class, I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you what we actually do in music class. Mr. Williams and I share the position, and he covers singing, keyboards, ukulele, etc. while I cover composers and their music as well as the instruments of the orchestra and their families and the elements of music. I have each grade just once a week and cover all the core knowledge in these areas. The first half of music class is learning about composers and listening to their music. This involves use of videos and YouTube. When learning the instruments of the orchestra and their families, there are several good videos on YouTube that covers this core knowledge topic appropriate for early elementary.

The second half of the class I cover the elements of music and like to do this through interactive learning games that teach music symbols, notes of the treble and bass clefs, rhythm and counting, dynamics and tempos.

Please allow me to give brief examples of what the children are watching and hearing in music class.

  • Kindergarten: Edvard Grieg music from Peer Gynt. I show them a puppet video that features the story and the music. Victor Herbert, “March of the Toys” YouTube, from Disney’s Babes in Toyland.
  • 1st: Sergei Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf. Again, I have a puppet video that features the story and music and also the instruments of all the characters. For Jazz in American musical traditions, we are currently watching Disney’s animated The Princess and the Frog, a fine example of New Orleans jazz and Louis Armstrong.
  • 2nd: Camille Saint-Saens, Carnival of the Animals, a Jim Gamble puppet movie featuring the composer as a little boy writing music for all the animals. Beethoven, Symphony No.6, from the original Disney Fantasia, which also introduces them to Greek mythology.
  • 3rd: George Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue, found in Fantasia 2000. Peter Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake, a video specifically for classroom use.
  • 4th:  Benjamin Britten, The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, found on youtube by BBC with narration. Mozart’s Magic Flute, BBC animated version in three parts and perfect for classroom.
  • 5th: Beethoven, Symphony No. 5, 1st movement found on Fantasia 2000. Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, found in Animusic II.


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Week of March 6th

Reading: We have begun writing our stories for the Young Writer’s Conference!  The kids are so excited and have come up with some very creative ideas so far!

The story this week was called The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  The genre was realistic fiction and we discussed theme. We focused on the long e sound (ea) and inflected endings (changing y to i + es, ed, or er).  The sight words were: colors, draw, drew, great, over, show, and sign.

Grammar: We focused on adjectives this week.

Math: We finished up with Chapter 8: Recognize Number Patterns and will begin Chapter 9: Compare Measurements next week.

R.A.K./Core Virtues: We read Caterpillar Kindness written by a past RMAE teacher’s aide.  Then the students sequenced the core virtues that were shown by the main character in the story on their own caterpillars.

S.T.E.M.: The students worked with a partner to build a tower with various sized blocks within various sized confinements (tape borders made on the floor).  The challenge was to build the tallest tower that could stand for at least 30 seconds.

Social Studies: We continued to learn the history of the birth of our nation.  We learned about important heroes/leaders such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Daniel Boone.  We also learned about the Louisiana Purchase.


-Class Picture Day is Wednesday, March 22nd.  Order forms were sent home today in Friday Folders.

-There is no school for students on Friday, March 24th through Friday, March 31st due to teacher in-service and spring break.

-Don’t forget to sign your child up for the Young Writers’ Conference on Thursday, April 20th!  Registration ends on Friday, March 17th.

Click here to sign up:

 Have a wonderful weekend!


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Monday March 5, 2017


Dear Parents,

This week we are starting new units in both social studies and math.  In math we are beginning to learn decimals and their similarities to fractions. In Social Studies we are beginning our study of Europe and the Middle Ages which will give students a better understanding of the setting of their novel, King Arthur.  Our spelling list this week is based on our Core Knowledge Novel. In writing students are continuing to perfect their stories for the Young Writer’s Conference on April 20, 6-8:30 pm at Marshdale Elementary School.  Here is the link for the Young Writer’s Conference  If  you haven’t been to the conference, it is a wonderful event for all students kindergarten through sixth grade and their families.  Please see the link and register before March 17. ( Remember to hit the submit button. They will not take anyone after the registration closes)  Also, please send in your child’s permission slip and bus fee for the field trip to Evergreen High School’s play Into the Woods on March 15.  This should be a wonderful performance! Finally, don’t forget to have your child return Jump Rope for Heart by this Friday March 10.

Have a wonderful week,

Tracee Vickery

Spelling: castle, sword, kingdom, court, knight, enchanted, mystical, prophecy, Excalibur, scabbard, King Arthur, Merlin, Sir Lancelot, squire, chivalry, England, anvil, quest, Camelot, Round Table, *Guinevere

*Please remember students are expected to turn in 3 ways they practiced their spelling by Friday. See list of ways to practice in their binders.


Monday February 27, 2017

Hello Wonderful Parents,

We have a regular five day week this week which will allow us to catch up from last week’s short  week.  We gave the students some extra study time and they will now have their final electricity science test on Monday now.  We will also continue our wrap with the creation of their electricity safety posters and spelling words based on the unit’s vocabulary. Then we will begin our study of Medieval Times which will parallel with our reading of King Arthur. They are enjoying learning about King Arthur’s expectations for his knights of the Round Table as we read and respond in our Literature Response Journals. In math, we spent a couple extra days last week converting mixed numbers and improper fractions. Please check in with your child on his/her understanding of this new concept. We will be reviewing for the final chapter 13 test on fractions scheduled for Wednesday.  

Please see the spelling list below and have a fantastic last few days of February and start of March.

Your child’s 4th Grade Teacher,

Tracee Vickery

Electricity Spelling List:

circuit       conductor   electromagnet   generator

insulator  filament   repel  attract   switch  static

current  battery  fuse  electric  electrical  electricity

safety  electrons  atoms transfer

*Michael Faraday

*Hans Christian Oersted

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