Week of January 17th-January 20th

This week in first grade…

Reading: The sounds we learned this week were ‘final ng,’ and ‘final nk.’  We also practiced reading and writing compound words and reviewed the ‘vowel sounds of y’ from last week.  The sight words were: any, enough, ever, every, own, sure, and were.   The genre of the story for this week was ‘animal fantasy’ and we discussed how good readers think about the plot as they read (beginning, middle, and end.)

Grammar:  We focused on verbs that end with ‘s’ and we will focus on verbs that do not end with ‘s’ next week.

Math: We have finished up the addition strategies chapter and will begin the chapter on subtraction strategies next week.  We also completed a challenging “Problem of the Day” which required the students to add 2-digit numbers.  Many were able to solve the problem!

Science: We have been studying living things and the environments in which they live.  So far we have learned about the deciduous forest, the rain forest, and grasslands.  The children had a blast making posters with a partner about either the deciduous forest or the rain forest.  Next week we will learn about the desert, the savannah, and have a guest speaker come in to talk to the children about animal conservation.

R.A.K.: On Friday the students chose a teacher or staff member at RMAE to write a thank you letter to.

STEM: The students used various supplies such as Kinex, yarn, cups, tape, straws, etc. to come up with their own STEM challenge and demonstrate how they would solve it.  They came up with some very creative ideas!


-I want to congratulate Ellie, Jordyn, Karrik, and Titus for representing our class in the Spelling Bee!  I am so proud of them for having the courage to get up in front of that many people and I want to commend them for an amazing job!

-Conferences are coming up on February 15th and 16th.  A sign-up sheet will be posted next week.  There is a half-day for students on Thursday, February 16th and no school on Friday, February 17th.

-On Monday, we will be sending home details about a habitat diorama project we would like to be completed at home.  There will be a letter explaining the details about the project as well as a planning sheet we would like the students to turn in.  The kids are very excited about the project!  Please help them with this and let me know if you would like ideas!

-Next Thursday, January 26th RMAE will be hosting an Open House!  We will be showcasing work that the first graders have completed and informing parents about our education and character building programs at the school.  I would like to encourage all of you to attend and to visit other grade levels to meet teachers and learn about all of the amazing things happening here on a day-to-day basis!

-We will be having our first grade Valentine’s Day Party on Tuesday, February 14th at 10:45-11:45.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

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Dear Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed their three day Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend. With just a short four day week ahead of us I just have a quick post to keep you all up to date on what’s happening in fourth grade.  

Students are excited about their Ancient Chinese Emperor Projects for social studies.  They are working so well in their three person groups. Students will begin writing their individual five paragraph essays this week. They are also looking forward to paper making which they will get to practice some calligraphy on during our Ancient China Day at the end of next week!

We will also be wrapping up our reading on Robin Hood.  This week’s spelling is based on the second half of our novel. In math, the class is excited to be learning long division which we will continue to work on for the next couple weeks in Chapter 8.

Great job to everyone for getting back into our nightly homework routine reading 30 minutes and writing a nightly summary, practicing spelling, and completing nightly math homework. Students should also be practicing their math facts.  To meet standards they should be on multiplication  on their weekly fact quiz.

Good luck to our Spelling Bee participants. The RMAE Spelling Bee is this Friday.

Have a wonderful week!

P.S. I wanted to let you know that there is an amazing opportunity for you to attend a performance at the Buell Theatre, March 3-5, highlighting the ancient Chinese culture that we have been studying.  The program is called Shen Yun. It is a bit costly, but sounds spectacular!

*Please also check in with your child to see what supplies they need for this second semester.  We are low on pencils, lined notebook paper, and Clorox Wipes for the class as well. For writing, students should also have a blue or black pen. Thank you!


minstrel, gallant, page, chivalry, gruel, gauntlet, health, amnesty, parry, Normans, journey, crusades, courage, trickery, traitor, prank, hermitage, Bishop, plague, Goliath


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Week of January 9-13th

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great break and holiday!  I am looking forward to a fantastic second half of the year!

This week in first grade….

Reading: We focused on the different sounds of ‘y’ at the end of words (long e and long i).  We also focused on long vowel CV words (ex: go, we, she, hi, etc). Sight words for the week were: always, become, day, everything, nothing, stays, and things.

Math: We practiced using number lines to add and counting on by starting with the largest number.  We also did a mid-chapter check (assessment).

Writing: We focused on action words (verbs).

Core Virtues: This month the first graders performed for the Core Virtues Assembly.  We started out the program by reading two stories about honesty and truthfulness.  Then we read some famous quotes and sang a rap/song.  The kids did an amazing job!

Science: We started our unit on Animals and Habitats by reviewing what we already knew and organizing our thoughts into a “tree map” (graphic organizer).  Then we learned about food chains by playing an interactive game where the kids acted out animals in a food chain and a cup stacking activity.  We also went into detail about the deciduous forest habitat.

Other: On Friday we learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and his great efforts toward ending racial discrimination in the United States.


-Report cards were sent home in Friday Folders this week.

-Conferences are coming up in mid February on the 15th and 16th.  I will let you know when I post a schedule.

-As a homework assignment, the children will be creating their own habitats.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon!  I know the children are very excited!

-No school on Monday due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

-Snack Shack is on Fridays during lunch.

Enjoy your weekend!!


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Week of Jan. 9th

Happy New Year!

This week in…


Sight words:  always become day everything nothing  stays things

Genre/Skills/Comprehension: Realistic Fiction, Compare and Contrast, Predict; Sounds of “Y”, Long Vowels (CV)

Activities: compare and contrast, fix-its, guided reading with activities, sounds of “Y” activities, word sorts, sight word activities, reading words/sentences/stories, learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and grammar practice-action Verbs


We continued Chapter 5- Developing Addition Strategies


We began our “Living Things and Their Environment” unit.  This week we talked about what are the different kinds of  habitats and what is a food chain and how is it important.  We started our in-dept study of habitats starting with the deciduous forest.

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)/STEM

We practiced for our Core Virtue Assembly.

​Communication and Happenings…​

1.  Report cards are in your child’s Friday Folder.

2. Parent Teacher Conferences are fast approaching.  They are Wednesday, Feb.15th and Thursday, Feb. 16th.

3.  In a week or so,  your child will have a special “at home” project to complete.  They will need to make a diorama of a habitat.  A letter will go home to explain the entire project!

4.  Remember…No School Monday.

Have a wonderful  weekend!

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January 13, 2017

Happy New Year!

Hopefully, you had a wonderful winter break.  The students are writing about what fun activities they were doing during the break.  Actually, we are writing furiously every day and at this time of year, we are also learning to edit.  We could use extra hands during our writing between 10 and 11, if you are available.

Our story next week is Rosa and Blanca.

Please look carefully in your child’s Friday Folder.  Your child’s report card, CogAT test results, and all the information about our Asia project, due on January 31st is in the folder.

Next week, the sign-up document will be sent to you to volunteer on Asia Day, Friday, January, 27th.

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Principal’s Newsletter

News from the Principal

This Month’s Core Virtues and August 2017

What do George Washington, An Honest Woodman, Mark Twain, and William Shakespeare have to do with RMAE. If you knew about or had the opportunity to attend yesterday’s assembly you might have an idea.

Our first grade classes were front stage to share with many other classes this month’s Core Virtues, honesty and truthfulness. The stories (and their moral) of “George Washington and the Cherry Tree” and “An Honest Woodman” were read aloud. Additionally, here are some famous quotes that were read:

  • “Honesty is the best policy. If I lose my honor, I lose myself.” William Shakespeare
  • “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”Mark Twain

Teaching and modeling these virtues clearly supports RMAE’s Vision which states in part: “working together to create a learning environment that encourages growth in character.” As your principal I could not be more pleased that RMAE emphasizes Core Virtues every month.

So, what does any of this have to do with August? This is where I need your help in planning for August, 2017.  As you know student enrollment drives what any school district or charter school can offer with programming and the staff/teachers necessary to implement a quality education for students. Understandably, we cannot spend money (revenue) which we do not have. This school year has challenged RMAE in that regard.  It is a scenario that no one wants repeated. So, how can you help?

I need for parents to be upfront with me about family enrollment plans for 2017-18 – whether you have made that decision already or if it still remains uncertain. The Board, teachers, and I can only plan and staff for 2017-18 with honest enrollment numbers. I am very optimistic about next school year.  I am titling this effort as a “reboot” into RMAE Version 17.1.0. This past semester has been a difficult trial for RMAE, but I believe that people and organizations can become stronger through such trials if the focus to “reboot” is a positive one. It can be done.

An online Monkey Survey will soon be coming your way to ask you directly about your thoughts and plans for 2017-18. I need to know how many families are committed to RMAE for next year and what I can offer to those families still uncertain about RMAE as the right school for their child(ren). This will be followed by an Early Registration for 2017-18 in early February.

Please stay turned-in for this coming survey and the importance it has for us as we begin planning for 2017-18.

Thank you.

Gary Stueven

RMAE Happenings

20170112_PublishedPoetsRMAE has published poets!!!!
Tate Allbritton, Kimball Boyle, Olive Canner, Luke Dillon, James Fiedler, Bailey Mazurek, Nicholas Reimers, Leighla Riemma, Joey Samere, Amelia Saylor, Ethan Scheik, Ellie Seutter, and Mia Triplett.
The American Library of Poetry congratulates the above 6th graders at RMAE for having PUBLISHED poems in the upcoming student poetry book entitled Imagine, scheduled for summer release.  Imagine promises to be a very unique and exclusive collection of poetry. Congratulations to our outstanding 6th grade published writers as they share their talent with the world! For a preview of the book or to order your very own copy, visit www.libraryofpoetry.com/imagine.html. Students, parents, and staff can be very proud of their accomplishment and for so proudly representing our RMAE to the world!

Elementary School (grades 1-5) Spelling Bee – will be held next Friday, January 20th at 8:30 a.m. in the cafeteria.  Parents of qualified students are welcome to attend.

Middle School Geography Bee – will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:55 am through 12:40 p.m.  If your student is participating you are welcome to join them for the competition in the middle school commons.

20170112_HikingSnowshoeingElective of the Week – How lucky are we to have our RMAE campus back up to Jefferson County Open Space? Extremely lucky! Our hiking/snowshoeing elective benefits both the body and the mind. After spending the morning focusing on their studies, the students are lucky to head out into the fresh air and get an amazing cardiovascular workout while spending time with friends. The students choose our route each week as we explore the different trails in Elk Meadow. When there is snow on the ground we strap on snowshoes and explore the trails in a whole new way! We are so fortunate to be able to explore the beauty that is in our own backyard. This elective is offered twice a week this quarter.

Mad Science after school program coming soon – Hands-on and inquiry-based curriculum held right at the school, no transportation needed!  Children watch spectacular demonstrations, engage in exciting hands-on activities, participate in inquiry-based discussions and work on interesting take-home projects.

Mad Science Presents: Make it Matter!
Experiment with the forces that give us super power while connecting with science and technology in this action-packed enrichment program from Mad Science! Check out the inner workings of telecommunication and assemble a sound-wave making device. Explore innovations in alternative and renewable energy and find out how cell phones use triangulation to communicate with towers. Discover how chemicals react and how catalysts can be used to speed up a reaction! Experiment with the forces that make our universe “tick” as we learn about gravity and inertia. These concepts — and more! — will be presented through hands-on exploration that will bring out the innovator and scientist in you!
Day: Thursdays
Time: 3:45-4:45 PM
Dates: 1/31-3/7/2017
Grades: K-5
Please Register Online at www.colorado.madscience.org

STUDENT FEES – Several families have outstanding fees that have not been paid. Payments can be made easily by logging onto Jeffco Connect. If you have any questions, or would prefer to make payment directly to the school, please contact Stephanie Woodward or stop in to the office. Payment of these fees is especially critical to our financial present and future.

New Attendance Email – In an effort to streamline our attendance procedures and make it easier for parents, we have added an attendance email account. Please begin to utilize this new email address to report your child’s absence – attendance@rmae.org. As before, you may also call the attendance line at our main number. Remember to include the reason for the absence and the date or dates for which they will be absent. Thank you for your assistance with this change.

Volunteers Needed at Morning Drop-Off – We are still looking for parents to help out in the mornings at drop off between 7:30 and 8:00 am. If you are available to help, please call the office.

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Mrs. Vernon’s Kindergarten News January 9-20

Welcome 2017!

Welcome back to school!  The students are working hard!  I am proud of all their efforts!  


What We are Learning…

In reading we are learning about plot and retell.  The students are also learning new high frequency words: see, look, you, of, they.  In guided reading groups, the students are reading books on their reading level.  They are also writing stories.  

In math, the students are learning about numbers 20-30. They are writing the numbers.  They are also enjoying doing math centers to reinforce what we have been learning!

In science, the students are working on a unit about animals and their needs.  Be sure to ask your child what living things need.  

In social studies, the students are also going to be learning about the Arctic and Antarctica!


Upcoming Events in January and February!

January 16th-Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

Our Valentine’s Day Party will be on Tuesday, February 14th!  Be sure to check your email for the sign up for needed items for the party.

February 15th & February 16th-Parent Teacher Conferences.  Early Dismissal on February 16th due to Parent Conferences. (A sign up will be sent home soon.)

February 17th & February 20-Winter Break (no school)


Thank you!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts!  I am so thankful for my sweet class!  I look forward to teaching your children the rest of this school year!









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Happy 2017!

Hi Wonderful parents!


First off, thank-you so much for your generous holiday gift. you are all so kind, giving, and supportive.  I hope each and every one of you had a peaceful, amazing break.

The update:

Math Long division/ constant multiplication review- long division can include tears; if your student is that frustrated please have them take a break. We will be working on long division for a while, so I really want them to be encouraged and not too frustrated.

History: We are in the heart of Ancient China. We are starting our Emperor projects, ask your student about these.

Writing for understanding: We are doing writing to express our understanding of Ancient China. We are also doing creative narratives.

Core Knowledge reading : We are finishing up Robin Hood

We will be planning ancient China Day soon, we will let you know!

Have a wonderful week, and thanks again for being amazing parents!

Ms. Gordon

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January 9, 2017

Happy 2017!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break and enjoyed the holidays with family and friends.

I want to thank everyone for your kindness and generosity for the gift card you all contributed to. My daughter and I will be traveling to Disney World with her EHS Cheer squad in February and I am going to take my gift card with me on that special trip, Thanks so much!

This second semester of fourth grade will be filled with many more days of learning fun.  We will finish up our measurement unit and begin learning long division in math.  In writing we will continue to work on narrative writing and also start to expand our paragraph writing into three and five paragraph essays.  I know everyone is looking forward to finishing our Core Knowledge Novel, Robin Hood, and learning about the China Dynasties in Social Studies.

Additionally, I am looking forward to seeing students begin to write assignments in cursive as they are now proficient from our practice in class.  For homework, they should continue to work toward their  goal to read 30 books for the 30 Book Reading Challenge.  Please continue to encourage their nightly reading and writing their daily reading summaries. Math homework will continue to be given each night, Monday through Thursday, unless there is a unit test.  Please help your child remember these responsibilities and routines established first semester as they return back from break.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone Monday Morning!

Spelling: China Dynasties

  1. dynasty 2. emperor 3. compass 4. elite 5. immortalize 6. jade 7. bronze 8. oasis 9. steppes 10 typhoon 11. tyrant 12. calligraphy 13. terra cotta 14. poetry 15. fireworks 16. peddler 17. scroll 18. warrior 19. palace 20. Buddhism

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Principal’s Newsletter – December 21

News from the Principal

Twelve Wishes

The Twelve Days of Christmas is an English Christmas carol that enumerates a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas in the manner of a cumulative song.  Did you know that historically this carol refers to the twelve days after Christmas? Without question one’s true love would have to receive a lot of gift cards this year to purchase all of these grand gifts. One cost estimate for these gifts this year stands at $34,363.49. Cute song. Cute gifts. But, I’d rather have a BMW.

As a take-off on this carol here are the “Twelve Wishes for RMAE” during this Christmas and Hanukkah Season and 2017. Each wish comes from a special person (position) at RMAE and each wish can be fulfilled by parents, students, and staff throughout the year. Would anyone like to try and sing these wishes in the same meter, tune, and best? Or, maybe just feel free to hum a tune while reading these very important (and timely) wishes.

For the first wish for RMAE
our Board President (Kyle Stults) asks:
that the RMAE community will start the New Year with a renewed spirit of optimism and commitment to making good things happen for the school through the remainder of the year.

For the second wish for RMAE
our PTO President (Tiffany Fontaine) asks:
that RMAE continues to see itself grow into greatness and  that as we come back from winter break everyone will continue to come together and support our school both on campus and in our Evergreen community. 

For the third wish for RMAE
our PTO VP of Volunteerism (Mary Houlihan) asks:
that RMAE will enjoy a renewed sense of volunteerism with parents helping just to help, and in turn supporting our children, our teachers, our school and our community.

For the fourth wish for RMAE
our SAC Chairperson (Russ Arnold ) asks:
that RMAE becomes a community that has a deep understanding of who we are and that we live out that identity with authenticity.

For the fifth wish for RMAE
one of our teacher aides (Sean Fitzgerald) asks:
that there will be school unity with staff, parents and children, that everyone’s efforts will be aligned and moving toward a common goal and vision, and that our enrollment will increase.

For the sixth wish for RMAE
our first grade teacher (Anna Grose) states:
a wish for all of the RMAE students… to continue to believe in yourself, your ability and your awesome greatness remembering that the RMAE staff will always have your back!

For the seventh wish for RMAE
our fourth grade teacher (Mary Gordon) asks:
that at RMAE we all work together to celebrate this very special and amazing place with a hope that we all value one another, communicate clearly, and “hear one another” as our school heals and moves forward.

For the eighth wish for RMAE
our middle school science teacher (Tony Bryant ) asks:
that this season especially, our RMAE Family (students, parents, staff, Board of Directors, and alumni) will come together with a clear and attainable vision for the future of this remarkable school which has such a rich history of serving this community. 

For the ninth wish for RMAE
our middle school music teacher (Gretchen Moritz) asks:
that as a whole community we will be focused and more verbal about all that is good at our school and that by doing so it will lead us to a deeper realization of how important this school is to our kids and community and how much we do indeed love RMAE.

For the tenth wish for RMAE
our Facilities Manager (Brian Seely) asks:
that RMAE parents and neighbors begin serious conversations with the County Commissioners to officially declare Royale Elk Way a street/roadway to be serviced and maintained by the county’s road department.

For the eleventh wish for RMAE
our attendance secretary (Susan Murphy) asks:
that parents will always remember to notify the school about their child’s absence in an early and timely manner by calling the office or emailing Attendance@RMAE.org.

For the twelfth wish for RMAE
our Charter Achievement Director (Tim Matlick) asks:
that every RMAE Grizzly (big and small) will learn, grow and reach his or her full potential by having a great day at school every day!  

Well, since RMAE is special, here is a thirteenth wish from our Principal, Dr. Stueven who asks:
that if all twelve wishes are fulfilled, RMAE won’t need thirteen.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may all of your wishes come true, too!

Gary Stueven

RMAE Happenings

Elective of the Week – We will begin highlighting Middle School electives weekly. The first elective being Mrs. Darrington’s Yoga Elective:
Yoga is a series of stretches and poses that you do with breathing techniques. It has several health benefits like increasing flexibility, improving balance, and decreasing cholesterol and heart disease. Our middle school yogis (that’s what you’re called when you practice yoga) have been working on individual and partner poses. Partner poses seem to be our favorite! The yoga elective is offered twice a week and is guided by Mrs. Darrington.

201612_yoga01 201612_yoga03 201612_yoga02

New Attendance Email – in an effort to streamline our attendance procedures and make it easier for parents, we have added an attendance email account. Please begin to utilize this new email address to report your child’s absence – attendance@rmae.org. As before, you may also call the attendance line at our main number. Remember to include the reason for the absence and the date or dates for which they will be absent. Thank you for your assistance with this change.

Volunteers Needed at Morning Drop-Off – Thank you to those parents who have been assisting us at the morning drop off, especially on those really chilly mornings! We are looking for additional volunteers to sign up in January.   It would be great, and helpful, to have a least two to three parent volunteers each day who are willing to assist with arrivals in the circle from 7:30am to 8:00am. If you are available to help, please call the office. An on-line process to set-up parent volunteers will begin in February.

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