Director’s Newsletter – October 21

Important News from the Director

Read the letter from the Director which addresses the changes happening at RMAE.

Important News from the Board

Go to the Board of Director’s page to read a memo from Board representative Kyle Stults. Please plan on attending the upcoming special Board meetings:

  • Saturday, October 22,10:30 a.m. in the RMAE cafeteria
    This meeting will be dedicated to hearing from anyone who has an interest in serving on the new Board.
  • Monday, October 24, 6:00 p.m. at the School
    At his meeting, new Board members will be appointed.

RMAE Happenings

Dress for the weather – With the weather changing every day, please be sure your children have appropriate clothing (winter coats, hats, gloves/mittens, and boots). Unless the weather conditions are extreme, your student’s are required to be outside at recess, physical education, drop-off and pick-up. Please remember to label them with your child’s name.

Original Works – For K-5 Families – Please look for your kid’s ORIGINAL WORKS art ordering packets that were sent home this week. Get your orders in and back to the school by November 1 so you can preserve their beautiful art, get your holiday shopping done early, and help our school all at the same time! View the Original Works flyer.

New RMAE Mobile App – We are excited to present the new mobile app for RMAE which provides you with another convenient way to stay in touch with and get information about your school. You should have received an invitation via email. Learn more about the app >>

Preschool News

Visit the Preschool’s website to get the latest on news and events at the preschool.

News from the PTO

PTO would like to thank all of the incredible parent volunteers who provided food to the staff on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.
Go to our PTO page to read about the following PTO happenings:


  • Trunk or Treat – (October 28) Go to our Google Doc to sign up to volunteer
  • PTO Meeting – (November 1)
  • Book Fair – (watch your email for rescheduled dates)

Core Virtues


Wisdom –
Knowledge of the things that matter

Courage -
Doing what is right in the face of fear

Important Dates

October 22 – Special Board Meeting

October 24 – Board Meeting

October 26 – Core Virtues Assembly

October 28 – Free Dress Day

October 28 – Trunk or Treat

November 1 – PTO Meeting

November 1 – Foundation Meeting

View the full calendar

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Week of October 17th-October 21st

Reading: We discussed communities and how we can help out with our families. The sounds we focused on were “sh,” “th,” “al,” and “short u.” We learned about nouns for grammar.

Math: We started Chapter 3: Subtraction Concepts.

Social Studies: We continued to learn about Ancient Egypt. Thanks to everyone who came! It was nice way to end the week.

STEM: We read a book about a kid aspiring to be an engineer as an adult and built catapults with various materials.


-Our Fall Party is scheduled for 8:30-10:00 on Friday, October 28th.

-Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday, October 28th.

-Have a nice weekend!

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2nd Grade News October 21

Next week we will read Ronald Morgan Goes to bat.  Our Halloween party will take place on Friday, October 28th at 12:00.  The students may wear their costumes to school that day.  Just know, that we will have recess that day.  .

Have a good weekend.

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Week of Oct. 17th

This week in…


Sight words: New- catch want good no put    Old- on  way  in  and take up help get use eat  her  this  too saw small tree your home  many  into  them

Genre/Skills/Comprehension: Animal Fantasy, Main Idea, Predict

Activities: Weekend News Reports, fix-its, guided reading with activities, Digraphs sh and th, vowel sound in “all”, comprehension skills, sentence structure, sight word activities,  and grammar practice-Nouns


We began Chapter 3- Subtraction Concepts.

Social Studies

 We continued learning about Ancient Egypt.

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)/STEM

 We read various books about our core virtues for October, Courage and Wisdom.

Our STEM project involved building catapults then seeing how far they could catapult a marshmallow candy corn!

​Communication and Happenings…​

1. Thank you SO much for your support this week!  I felt very loved !  It was greatly appreciated!!!!!

2.  Don’t forget to order Scholastic books.  Due date is Oct. 28th!

Have a nice weekend!

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Memo from the Director – October 21

October 21, 2016

Dear Parents,

Yesterday you should have received a letter from Kyle Stults in which he has called two special meetings – the first on Saturday, October 22 at 10:30 a.m. in the RMAE cafeteria and the second on Monday, October 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the School. My mention of these items serves as a reminder to parents.  These two meetings are designed to reconstitute RMAE’s Board, which is the top priority at this moment. Saturday’s meeting will be dedicated to hearing from anyone who has an interest in serving on the new Board. At Monday’s meeting, Mr. Stults is going to appoint new Board members. If enough newly appointed members are present at Monday’s meeting, which is the hope, then the new Board will also elect Board officers that night. Once the new Board is appointed, then it is hoped that it will meet later during the week of October 24 to address the time-sensitive issues currently facing the School. I encourage the entire RMAE community to attend both of these meetings.

Representatives from the Jefferson County School District and the Colorado League of Charter Schools have indicated their intention to attend these meetings as well. RMAE is fortunate to have support from Jeffco and the League.

Many people have asked me about the personnel actions I took earlier this week. Please know that I took those actions out of a desire to help the School. Making such decisions is extremely difficult but sometimes necessary. I cannot, however, discuss the details of the personnel decisions with anyone but the new Board. I hope everyone can understand and respect that legally-imposed limitation.

During this interim period, I have decided to hire temporary substitute teachers to ensure that students continue to receive quality instruction. Prudence counsels that until the new Board is seated, I refrain from replacing these positions with permanent hires. Fortunately, RMAE is blessed with many wonderful resources for finding excellent substitute teachers. In addition, the remaining RMAE faculty is doing a wonderful job, as always. Ensuring your children continue to receive an excellent education at RMAE remains our highest priority.

Finally, during this time of change, I ask that everyone remain civil and calm. While we may have our disagreements, it is best if we discuss them respectfully. I assure you that I will strive to do my best to answer questions and respectfully ask for your understanding with regards to personnel issues that cannot be discussed.

For the children,


Roberta Harrell

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Dear RMAE families,
Over the last week both Jeffco district personnel and the Colorado League of Charter Schools leadership have been in contact with school leaders at RMAE. We are aware of the struggles facing the school and have been working to develop a pathway through this challenging time. In the coming days, Jeffco and the CLCS will be working together with the school to assist with the transition to a fully functioning Board so that RMAE can continue focusing on providing an excellent education for your children. We join Kyle Stults in asking you, first, to not withdraw your children at this time but to give the School a chance to re- build trustand, second, to attend these critical upcoming set of meetings. Only by everyone pulling together will RMAE get through these challenging times.

Thank you, in advance, for your patience as we work through this process and for your trust that we all are dedicated to restoring what we all want: a great education for your children.

Nora Flood,
Colorado League of Charter Schools

Tim Matlick
Achievement Director for Charter Schools Jeffco Public Schools

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Board Memo – October 20

Dear RMAE Community:
This letter outlines the steps to move us forward through these challenging days. We are fortunate to have the support of so many good people, including Jefferson County Public Schools (“Jeffco”) and the Colorado League of Charter Schools (the “League”). I ask all members of the RMAE community to stay with us at least through the end of next week. We will not have worked through all our challenges by then, but I am confident that we will see a positive way forward. A precipitous withdrawal of your children from our great School could be catastrophic.

As noted in my prior communications, last Thursday all the other voting members suddenly resigned, leaving me as the sole voting Board member, and entirely with the duty and the authority to carry forward the responsibilities of the RMAE Board. My highest priority has been and remains to reconstitute the RMAE Board as soon as possible, and to do so thoughtfully, responsibly, and with integrity. But along with the need to act quickly, quality is equally important – we need high-quality, dedicated Board members who are willing to give of their time and talents and who can thoughtfully, responsibly, and deliberately act on the many difficult and important decisions that we face.

Consistent with my above described approach to appointing the new Board, I have sought the input of outside advisors. And as noted in the attached statement from Jeffco and the the League, they are committed to assisting us.

It is thus with the full support of Jeffco and the League that I am calling a special RMAE community meeting for this Saturday, October 22 at 10:30 a.m. at the School. The sole purpose of this meeting is to hear from people who are interested in serving on the new RMAE Board. If you want to serve, or if you know someone who wants to serve, please come to the meeting. Equally, if you want to hear from possible candidates or share your views on Board qualifications, please come to this Saturday’s meeting. I am pleased to report that many quality individuals have already offered to serve on our new Board, and I have spoken with many of them. In addition, both Jeffco and the League have been assisting me in finding new possible Board candidates, and they will also be sending representatives to Saturday’s meeting to help facilitate the meeting and to further support me with identifying the very best directors for our new Board. We want to hear from as many RMAE community members as possible.

Next, I am going to call a special Board meeting for Monday, October 24 at 6:00 p.m. At this meeting, I will exercise my authority under the RMAE bylaws to appoint new voting directors to the Board. Presuming all newly appointed members are present at this meeting, the newly constituted Board will then elect Board officers. If appointed Board members are not available to meet on Monday, a special Board meeting will be scheduled at the earliest possible availability to convene the new Board and elect officers. There will also be public comment time dedicated at this meeting for RMAE community members to speak about how the new Board should move forward.

After the Board is duly appointed and officers are elected, I will encourage the new Board to call a special session at its soonest possible availability. At this meeting, I would expect the Board to proceed with its business, including considering and addressing the many recent events at the School. Again, we welcome everyone in the RMAE community to attend this meeting.

Please also note that that I have been advised by the school’s lawyer that the personnel changes recently announced by Dr. Harrell are confidential personnel matters that I am not at liberty to discuss. I hear and understand and empathize with your desire for me to discuss these matters, and it goes against my nature as a transparent and forthright person not to do so. However, I ask for your understanding and respect that I can and will not discuss these matters.

In closing, I reiterate my belief that the challenges RMAE now faces are not insurmountable. As your only Board member, I remain committed to forging ahead for the School and I am working around the clock to do so.
Lastly, I express my sincere hope and desire that a culture of civility and respect be present within the RMAE community during these times.

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October 17, 2016


Thank you so much to every single one of you for making time to come and meet with me about the progress your child is making in kindergarten.  I’m already so excited about the growth I have seen and I know they will continue to flourish in our classroom.  Please let me know if you have any further questions now that you’ve had time to digest what we discussed!

Reading and Writing

This week’s story is “Armadillo’s Orange”. We learned new vocabulary words including tortoise, rattlesnake, grubs, burrow, insects and armadillo.  They had lots of fun talking to each other to figure out what the words grubs and burrow meant.  I especially loved hearing them tell me what their partner had to say about these vocabulary words!   Our letter of the week this week is Ss. We will be doing lots of activities this week focused on listening to the sound Ss makes, hearing the /s/ sound at the beginning and end of words as well as writing the letter and/or words that begin with Ss.  We are really striving for correct letter formation in our handwriting.  I have designated Mrs. Donovan and myself as the handwriting police! And now I’m designating each of you as our handwriting deputies.  Be sure to hold them accountable for writing their letters the correct way!

We continue to practice the high frequency words “I”, “am”, “the”, “little”, “a” , “to” , “have” and “is”. Be sure to ask your kids to help you find these words when you are reading to them or even when you are cruising the aisles at the grocery store! The more they realize these words are around the more they will enjoy “reading” them to you and playing detective to find them!


The numbers 6, 7, 8 sure are great!  It was fun today working with unifix cubes to see how many different ways we could make 6, 7  and 8.  It is a precursor to addition when they realize that they can have 2 orange cubes and 5 blue cubes or 4 orange cubes and 3 blue cubes and that both of those combinations make 7!  It’s amazing to see that light bulb come on for these kiddos.

Practice counting and writing numbers at home is a great way to extend what we are doing in class.  Be sure to look for books in the library that are focused on numbers also!  I think the biggest challenge they face is writing the numbers vs. counting them even though they do very well with both skills.

Social Studies/Science

We added some muscles to our bodies yesterday!  Today we will talk about germs and healthy habits.  Then we will talk about good nutrition when we will tie in the nursery rhyme “Jack Spratt”.  We round out the week with more nursery rhymes and a brief introduction to our five senses (which we will discuss in depth next week!).   We are looking forward to performing our body songs for you at 9 am on the 28th!

Other Notes:

Every Tuesday we have library so be sure to send in library books to return if your kiddo would like to check out a new book!

Our book fair begins on Wednesday when the kids will be making their wish lists.  Be sure to stop by to pick up some great gifts for your kids!

We are sending home spirit wear and scholastic books today.  Please let me know if you are missing anything!

Yay kindergarten!  We RULE!!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Mrs. Vernon’s Kindergarten October 17-21

Wow!  We are learning so much in our class!  Keep up the fantastic work Mrs. Vernon’s Kindies!!  

Thank you again for attending your Parent/Teacher Conference.  It was great meeting with all of you.  



We are reading a fun book about an armadillo!  It is called Armadillo’s Orange.  We are learning about story structure: beginning, middle and ending to help us learn more about comprehension.  We are also reviewing the high frequency words: the, a, little, I, am, is, have.



We are learning about the numbers 6 to 10.  We are also very excited about all the new learning games we have in our classroom.  They are amazing!  What a fun way to learn!  Thank you PTO for providing the gift cards so we could purchase these games!



We are continuing to learn about our bodies.  Our life size models are almost complete.  The students are very excited about bringing them home to show you.


Important Upcoming Dates

Thursday, October 20:  Spirit Day!  The students can wear their favorite RMAE outfits!

Friday, October 21:  Picture Retake Day

Friday, October 28:  Halloween Party


Information about the Halloween Party Day

TIME CHANGE:  The party will be 9:30-11:00.  We will also be joining Mrs. Vaughn’s Class at 9:00 to sing fun learning songs about our bodies.  It will be amazing! 

The students can wear their costumes to school on Friday, October 28th.  The school will be having a parade through the school in the afternoon.  More information to come about the parade.

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Board Memo – October 17

Dear RMAE Community:
I wanted to give a quick update on my process of seating a new Board of Directors (the “Board”) for Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen (“RMAE”), as is now my duty after all other voting members suddenly resigned last Thursday leaving us in our current position. As stated in my letter of October 13, it is extremely important to me that the process of re-establishing the Board be handled as thoughtfully, responsibly, and with as much integrity as possible. Accordingly, I have sought and continue to seek the input and guidance of outside parties to assist me during this process, along with the tremendous amount of input I have received from the RMAE community. This includes the counsel and advice of Nora Flood, President of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, Tim Matlick, Achievement Director / Charter School Liaison for Jefferson County Public Schools, Barry Arrington, the school’s legal counsel, as well as others who might help mediate and/or otherwise support the challenges we as a school are working through.

While I continue to work as swiftly as possible to get our school’s governing body back on track as soon practicable, I am cognizant of the need for transparency and judicious use of my authority and duty to seat Board members via appointment. Thus my current plan, time and readiness permitting (additional details to be distributed when ready), is to seat new Parent Representatives on the Board this week, at least one of which shall be a middle school parent and one of which shall be an elementary school parent. Following this, I would intend for this larger and more representative Board to vote on and seat the Community Representative position, as well as seating the Teacher Representative position. This Board would then serve through the remainder of this school year, whereupon the Board would resume with its regular election process next Spring.
I also express my gratitude for the overwhelming positive response and generous outpouring of support from RMAE parents as we navigate this process. I would like to thank the many of you that have taken time to email or call me with words of support or to voice your concern for the future of the school. Your continued communications are welcome.

In closing, I firmly believe that the challenges RMAE now faces are not insurmountable, and I remain committed to forging ahead on behalf of everyone at RMAE – seeking opportunity, turning problems into solutions, and fostering a constructive, positive environment at the Board level so that RMAE will remain a worthy school for our children.

Most Sincerely,
Kyle Stults
Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen Board of Directors, Parent Representative

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