Volunteer Manager

Thanks to everyone who has logged hours on our new system, Volunteer Manager! We are working out the kinks of this new program and appreciate everyone’s patience while we do this. Volunteer Manager will replace our old tracking system, Track It Forward. If you have hours logged on Track It Forward, please either transfer your hours or contact Mary Houlihan (mary_houlihan@hotmail.com) to have your hours logged for you. Volunteer Manager has additional components that will benefit the PTO, making this program our most cost effective option.

If you have not received your Welcome email from Volunteer Manager, please contact Mary Houlihan (mary_houlihan@hotmail.com).

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No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry and Go Orange Day were a huge success! Thank you everyone for your participation in our annual PTO Food Drive & Go Orange Day. We collected 740lbs of food for our local EChO food bank! Everyone there is extremely appreciative, and said the timing was perfect for helping restock their shelves for the Fall. A special thanks to the volunteers who helped consolidate and transport all of the heavy boxes of food!

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Use Your Grocery Cards

We would like to tremendously thank all of you who have used your grocery cards to earn money for RMAE. The reports are coming in from King Soopers and Safeway, in the last two weeks of August alone, grocery card usage increased 500%! Please to continue to use this powerful fundraising tool for our school. Your volunteer hours will begin getting logged in our new Volunteer Manager program by the end of this month for using your cards to grocery shop or get gas. Reload and use your grocery cards to make money for RMAE and earn volunteer hours when you grocery shop or get gas.

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First Grade News:  Week of September 19th to September 23rd

First of all, Mrs. Grose and I would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the families who donated items to our classroom through the “Giving Tree” program set up by the P.T.O!  It is so wonderful to teach at a school with so many supportive families!

Here is what we learned this week in first grade:

Reading: We discussed ways that animals have helped humans in the past and how they help humans in the present.  We also focused on the “short o” sound and how to make words plural (-s).  Sight words were: use, help, and get.

Math: We took our assessment for Chapter 1: Describe and Compare Numbers and started Chapter 2: Develop Addition Concepts on Friday.

Writing/Grammar: We learned how to identify the “action part” of a sentence.

Science: The students loved learning about the human body!  We learned about how to take care of ourselves by staying clean, exercising, and eating a balanced diet!

R.A.K.: We read, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  We discussed how our mood and attitude can affect other people around us.

S.T.E.M.: We read Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss.  Then, the kids worked together to problem solve ways to build a tower with various materials.  The tower had to be strong enough to hold up an apple!  We may have some future engineers right here in our classroom!

Next Week: We are starting the, “Different Lands, Similar Stories” unit.  For this unit we will be reading versions of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Thumb, and Thumbelina from around the world.  After we read the stories, we will compare and contrast the different versions.  We will continue with Chapter 2 for math and learn about “word order” for writing/grammar.  For reading, we will focus on the ending –ing, discuss how we can learn about animals by watching them, teach the rule for adding –es to make words plural, and introduce new sight words (eat, her, this, and too).


  • Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up on October 12th and 13th. I will be working on a sign-up sheet and posting the times I am available to meet.  I will be including additional times throughout that week before school, after school, and even some times during the day while the students are at specials.
  • Scholastic book orders are due today! There is still time to place your orders!
  • Thank you to the parents who have volunteered during reading centers!

 Have a lovely weekend!

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Week of Sept. 19th

This week in…


Sight words: New- help get use    Old- on  way  in  and take up

Genre/Skills/Comprehension: Animal Fantasy, Character and setting, short o and plurals

Activities: Weekend News Reports, fix-its, guided reading with activities, word sorts, comprehension skills, sentence structure, summarizing activities, plural activities, listening center, sight word activities and grammar practice-action parts


We finished Chapter 1- Describe and Compare Numbers and began Chapter 2- Addition Concepts.


We concluded our Human Body Unit.  We learned about healthy eating and healthy living.  Also we talked about two famous men who labeled as heroes. Louis Pasture is known for pasteurization and Edward Jenner discovered vaccinations.

RAK (Random Acts of Kindness)/STEM

 RAK- We read Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  We talked/discussed about how our feelings can impact others.

STEM- After reading Ten Apples Up On Top, our second STEM challenge was to build  the tower strong enough to hold an apple up for 30 seconds.   Once again they had a blast!!!!

​Communication and Happenings…​

1. Parent Teacher Conferences are right around the corner, Oct. 12th and 13th.  I will be working on a schedule in the next few days and will be located on the Parent/Teacher Conference tab on our class google link. Once it is finished, I will send an email!  To add some convenience to the schedule, I will be adding times before, during and after school the entire week.

 2. It’s not to late to order some Scholastic Books!!! Orders are due today however; I will be placing the order tomorrow!

3.  Thank you to all the parents who volunteered this week at home and in the classroom!

Have a wonderful  weekend!

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Mrs. Vernon’s Kindergarten News September 21-September 30, 2016

We are having a great time learning in Mrs. Vernon’s classroom.  The students are wonderful and they are very hard workers!  I am proud of the progress they are making.  



October 12th & 13th-Parent/Teacher Conferences-I will be attaching a tab on our Google Classroom Volunteer Link. (This tab will be ready by Friday, September 23.)  You will be able to sign up for your conference time on that document.  SCHOOL WILL BE IN SESSION REGULAR HOURS ON OCTOBER 12TH.  NOON DISMISSAL ON OCTOBER 13TH DUE TO CONFERENCES.  

October 14th-Scheduled Break (No school)

October 28th-Fall Party!  More information will be coming home soon!



Reading and Writing-The students are learning the following sight words:  I, am, little, the, to, a.  They are also learning about character, setting, sequencing and classifying.  Ask your child how we used a Tree Map to learn more about classifying.  


Math-The students are learning how to write the numbers 0 to 5.  They are also learning about counting, more, less, same, patterning and graphing.  They love being the leader so they can lead the calendar time.  There is awesome learning going on in our wonderful class!!


Social Studies-We have been studying about nursery rhymes, Johnny Appleseed, maps, globes and directions.  We will also be learning about our world and Columbus.  


Science-We will begin a unit about the human body in October.  



The deadline for ordering books for September is September 22nd.  Another order form will be coming home in October.  This is a great way to provide books for your child.  


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Director’s Newsletter – September 16

Director’s Notes

Community Service Day – Please mark Wednesday, April 26, on your calendars for this important day to give back to the community. Last year we focused on Cancer Awareness and Research. We will select another theme for this year. Classroom coordinators play a big part in making this a successful day for everyone, so please consider volunteering when approached. For questions please contact Community Service Day Chair, Jamie Brand at jmeb53226@gmail.com.

Ride Arrangers/Way to Go Schoolpool – We are pleased to be partnering with Schoolpool to assist parents that are interested in carpooling to and from school with other families.  If you do not want your information shared with this ride arranging program, please return your ‘Opt Out Notification’ by next Thursday, September 22nd.  You may access this letter/opt out notification on our website. Please consider forming a carpool to help ease the congestion at drop-off and pick up.

Pick Up Line – Kids MUST be picked up by 3:30 unless there is an emergency, and the office is notified. Kids left after 3:30 will be sent to after-care at ACC. (Charges for after-care services will be at the parents’ expense.)

Also, don’t forget to use your rear-view mirror placards to aid in the efficiency of the pick up line. And please, no cell phone usage once you enter the circle – this is an extreme safety concern.

New Communications App – We are excited to announce the new mobile app for RMAE. We have developed this app to provide you with another convenient way to stay in touch with and get information about your school. Look for an email next week with an invitation to create a login and download the app. Learn more about the app >>

Craft project in the office – We have a volunteer opportunity for a parent who would like to help us with a small craft project in the office.  Please call us or email smurphy@rmae.org if this is something you would be interested in helping with.  Thank you.

Internet Safety Seminar for Parents – Do you know the dangers which exist for your child with their use and communications with technology on their cell phone, iPad and iPod?  What is Geo Tagging, consequences of Sexting, Hidden apps, or Ghost apps?  You will want to attend the Internet Safety Seminar for Parents on Thursday, September 22nd at the Evergreen Fire Department, 1802 Bergen Pkwy.  Please refer to the Internet Safety Seminar flyer.

Director’s Coffee Chat – 5th Grade Parents – Join the Director, Roberta Harrell, for coffee Tuesday morning September 27th after drop off.  Meet other RMAE parents, talk to the 5th grade teachers, ask questions, and stay updated on the latest news and events at RMAE.  Please RSVP to the office or email smurphy@rmae.org.  Other grades will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

Parent University –
Topic:  NWEA testing – Thursday, September 29th @ 6:30 pm.  We plan to bring in a NWEA representative to explain the NWEA testing and how parents can interpret their child’s results.  All parents are welcome to attend.  This session will be held in the cafeteria.  RSVP to the office or email smurphy@rmae.org.

Guiding the Gifted Child – Jeffco Schools is offering a presentation for parents at the District on September 26th, 2016. Find out more >>

After School Activities

  • Join the RMAE Running Club – FOR BOYS AND GIRLS!!  – The Nike-sponsored program at Marathon Kids strives to have running club participants meeting the goal of completing four marathons (104.8 miles) incrementally over the course of the running club season. The Club is planning to meet Thursdays at 3:30-4:15 beginning September 15. More information on the running club is on our website, or email or call Kelli Anderson at 303-579-0665 or kelliandersonhomes@gmail.com.
  • Mad Science Program Coming to RMAE in October – For grades 1 through 5 – Mad Science enrichment programs spark imaginative learning hands-on and inquiry-based curriculum held right at the school, no transportation needed!  Children watch spectacular demonstrations, engage in exciting hands-on activities, participate in inquiry-based discussions and work on interesting take-home projects. Find out more >>

Read more about other after school activities on our website.

Preschool News

Preschool is accepting applications for a limited number of spaces that are available. Please call 303-670-3447 x5 to learn more and also visit our website: www.rmaepreschool.com

News from the Board

The Safety, Security and Privacy Committee (SSP) is looking for parent and staff volunteers to serve on our committee this school year. We are a subcommittee of the board and provide continuous improvement recommendations to our board of directors in the areas of school safety, security and privacy.  We meet one evening per month. Please contact Julie Hushen at jhushen@rmae.org to join or for more information.

News from the PTO

Go to our PTO page to read about the following PTO happenings:

  • Support PTO by becoming a member by Sep 23 and get your School Directory.
  • Reload and use your grocery cards to make money for RMAE and earn volunteer hours when you grocery shop or get gas.
  • Like the PTO Facebook page
  • Start clipping and saving BoxTops for our Fall Box Top drive; deadline to submit will be 10/17
  • PTO is conducting an artwork contest for the PTO Directory and RMAE Yearbook covers.  Submit your best RMAE Grizzly design by Friday, September 23rd.
  • Attend our upcoming PTO meeting on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:20 at the Bergen fire station.
  • Keep track of your volunteer hours, you should have received your Welcome email from Volunteer Manager this week. If you have not please contact Mary Houlihan (mary_houlihan@hotmail.com)
  • Keep track of your volunteer hours, a new online log is coming soon.
  • Please ensure that you are receiving emails from your child’s class room coordinator to stay up to date on individual classroom communication and activities. Contact Brianna Boyle (boylebundle@gmail.com) for any questions.
  • A huge thank you to Wendy Courtney, Jenny Anderson, and all 7th grade pizza volunteers for providing our kiddos with pizza every Wednesday. This is a big undertaking and we appreciate it! Thank you for adding the fruit option this year!

News from the Community

Help Support Breast Cancer Early Detection – Community Fundraiser – Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 24th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at Evergreen Fire Rescue.  There will be several athletic competitions and obstacle courses for kids.  Whether you wish to participate in an athletic event or are there to cheer on your neighbors, be a part of this community!  Registration is now open at www.bfb.regquick.com.

Core Virtues


Respect –
Treating others politely and kindly

Responsibility –
Doing your part for the groups that make us whole

Our middle school students displayed both of these Core Virtues during their recent trip to 100 Elk.  I received a lovely letter from the staff at 100 Elk with these positive remarks:

“Loved our time with Rocky Mountain Academy!”
“Thanks for giving us a great start to our season!”
“You guys are great!
“Loved having you here again!”
“It was a joy to work with you all!”

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Mrs. Vaughn’s class ~ week of September 19, 2016

Thanks for the great birthday wishes!

Your kids have really started my birthday week off with a lot of joy!  Thank you for all of the wonderful well wishes!

Reading and Writing

This weeks story is “Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip With Kindergarten”.  We learned new vocabulary words today including park, chaperone, bakery, fire station, library and post office.  We will be doing activities this week that expand on who the community helpers are that work in these places and what they do.  We continue to practice the sight words I, am, the and little.  Ask your kids to help you find these words when you are reading to them or even when you are cruising the aisles at the grocery store!  The more they realize these words are around the more they will enjoy “reading” them to you and playing detective to find them!


We are exploring problem solving techniques and continuing work on numbers 0-5.  Your children are being asked to figure out the answers to verbal math problems by drawing pictures.  They are practicing writing numbers 0-5 and will begin putting these numbers in order later in the week.

Social Studies/Science

Maps and Johnny Appleseed are the topics we will be covering in Social Studies and Science this week.  We are creating a cool mobile to hang in the classroom that will come home at the end of next week.

Other Noteworthy Things…

I will have a substitute on Tuesday , September 20th since I will be in training at Jeffco for how to utilize thinking maps in the classroom.

Our classroom volunteers will begin coming in this week to help us out.  Thanks to those of you who have signed up!

Be on the lookout for an email regarding signing up for conferences.  They will be here before you know it!

Thanks again for all you do for our classroom, our school, and mostly for your kids!  I love working with every single one of them every day!

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September 16, 2016

Our butterfly larvae have arrived!!  We will be observing our little caterpillars next week eating their way through to a chrysalis.

Please change the date on your calendars for our field trip since it has been changed to Monday, October 3rd.  We will be departing school and returning at the same times.

Next week, we will be reading the story Henry and Mudge.  Continue practicing math facts with your child.

That you for your contributions to the food bank this week!

Have a great weekend.

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