Lost and Found

Lost and Found

A collection of lost and found items is located in Building 1. It is the student’s responsibility to check these items when an article is lost. We recommend that parents, for easier identification, label all articles of clothing. Parents are also encouraged to check for lost items.

Items with names are hung to the right of the rack. Additionally, lunch boxes are emptied of food. Any valuables located are turned in to the office.

About every 2 weeks, clothing items are tagged with a date, and if there is a name, you will be contacted. As our lost and found fills up and there is no room to hang more items, the oldest items WITHOUT names will be pulled and stored. Generally,these are items that have been in lost and found for over a month. Twice a year, these items will be sorted and donated to a variety of local organizations, such as EAPL and ECHO resale shops. Some items will go to Twigs Consignment store for resale, to benefit the school.

Thank you for doing your part – label your items, and check the lost and found often.

Unclaimed items will be disposed of to Twigs Consignment store at the end of each month.

Click to contact PTO Volunteer, Tonje Williams and Sarah Beiriger for more info!
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