Grade level teachers work as teams and share strengths across classrooms, and teacher aids and education specialists enable us to provide personalized differentiation solutions so that the needs of all ability levels, ranging from learning disabilities to gifted and talented, are met within the classrooms so students are appropriately challenged while being allowed to mature in a diverse classroom environment.

We also provide Physical Education, Art, Music and Technology education to all students and Spanish for 1-8. A major part of our curriculum involves social development and community involvement, and we provide our students with numerous opportunities throughout the year to make a difference in each other’s lives, as well as in our local community.


Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen K – 5 in action . . .
Mammoth Visit

RMA-lacrosse03-247 RMA-lacrosse05-247
RMA-lacrosse01-247 RMA-lacrosse02-247
RMA-lacrosse04-247 RMA-lacrosse06-247
RMA-lacrosse07-247 RMA-lacrosse08-247

Mammoth Visit – April 2016

Second graders explore at the Butterfly Pavilion

ButterflyPav-544-360 ButterflyPav-658-360

ButterflyPav-814-360 ButterflyPav-848-360


Fourth graders have fun with STEM!

maps-and-globes-etc-001-360 maps-and-globes-etc-005-360

maps-and-globes-etc-007-360 maps-and-globes-etc-009-360


K-5 students have fun at Fall Field Day

Elem-Field-Day-2014-002-360 Elem-Field-Day-2014-003-360

Elem-Field-Day-2014-018-360 Elem-Field-Day-2014-162-360