Homeschool Support Program

homeschool_bannerIntroducing another choice…

RMAE will be sponsoring a Home School Support Program (HSSP).  Initially the intent to support a middle school (Grades 6-8) program on site as no such program for this age group is available as a choice in the mountain area. With the success of this start-up, a program for K-5 could may well be offered in 2018-19.

The purpose of the HSSP will be to provide educational enrichment for one-day per week as a supplement to the home school program being implemented by the family at home. By definition (and design) it is not intended to be either a remedial intervention in support of the child’s program at home or presented in any way as a gifted/talented program. It is offered as an opportunity for students to interact, socialize, and learn with other students in a caring and enjoyable middle school setting. We want this program to be worth everyone’s time.

Here are some specifics as currently planned:

Middle School


  • School Hours: 7:45am – 3:00pm (6.25 hours of class time with 60 minutes for one morning break and a lunch period with recess)
  • Wednesdays (16 weeks 1st semester; 17 weeks 2nd semester)
  • 1st semester begins August 23; 2nd semester ends May 9
  • The minimum number of hours of scheduled class time required by Colorado Department of Education is ninety (90) hours per semester.

Daily Schedule

  • The instructional day will have six (6) periods. These periods will be from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • There will be a scheduled snack break of 10-15 minutes in the morning. Lunch will be 30 minutes which includes outside time. Lunch time will be spent with the other middle school grades.
  • Students will be integrated (by choice/sign-up) with current full-time middle school students into whatever electives are offered on Wednesday during the electives period.
  • The day’s other offerings (but not necessarily every Wednesday) will be Art, Music/Drama, PE/Health, Technology, Conversational Spanish and a single lesson related to science, civics, math, language arts as taught by RMAE’s current staff.


  • Students will be enrolled at RMAE in our Home School Support Program with RMAE credited for them as half-time students. Attendance will be taken. It is expected that the office will be notified when a student will be absent.
  • There will be a fee for the year of $50 to pay for materials/supplies needed by the teaching staff. Money collected will be reconciled to ensure it’s used for this purpose only.
  • Students will meet dress code. If you have one polo shirt and one pair of khaki pants, all will be good.
  • Student attendance and compliance with RMAE’s and Jeffco’s Student Code of Conduct is expected.
  • Grades will not be given. A simple and general assessment of a student’s participation, effort, and production will be provided in narrative form after each quarter.
  • Students may participate in Wednesday’s lunch. Wednesday has been “Pizza Day” for RMAE. Ordering is done in advance. At this time the pizza is prepared and delivered by Domino’s.
  • Students may participate in any field trip taken during the school year by their respective grade level. There will be a fee for transportation and admission. The exception will be the trip to 100 Elk.
  • It is possible that a field trip could be planned for just this group understanding that parents would participate.
  • Student’s may participate in our NWEA Measuring Academic Progress (MAP) assessments if parents so desire to have this data.
  • Option to participate with other middle schoolers in afterschool activities (i.e. chorus, drama) for a fee.

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