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The RMAE Foundation is committed to the long term financial stability of the school. We pursue this goal through a variety of means primarily focused outside the immediate school community, including grants and sponsorships, as well as through the school’s Annual Giving program. We work with the administration, school board, PTO and greater community to achieve our goals.


Annual Giving Campaign

Why Give to Annual Giving?

We will be featuring families and the reasons why they have given:

Allbritton-Family_compressedThe Allbritton Family
Our two boys have attended RMAE since 2008, starting in preschool. In one word, they have thrived. The small class sizes have allowed them to receive the attention they need to explore and learn in their own ways. The teachers have been phenomenal with their care and attention to our boys both socially and academically. We also feel the curriculum offers a broader scope of education and holds higher standards than the typical pubic school education. If we had to do it all again, we would choose RMAE. We are hopeful for the future of this school and plan to support its re-growth and success!
– Jen and Tyler Allbritton


chambersFamily_compressedThe Chambers Family
The Chambers family has been living in Evergreen for nearly a decade, and love it. They have had their son, Brandon, at Rocky Mountain Academy since kindergarten and have been so impressed with the comprehensive approach of the Core Knowledge curriculum, the truly outstanding teachers he has had, the small class sizes, and the focus on character development. They are happy contributors to the foundation’s Annual Giving Campaign, and look forward to many more years here at RMAE.
– The Chambers Family


jacksonFamily_croppedThe Jackson Family
Our family donated to the Annual Giving campaign because we love RMAE and want to see it thrive in years to come! We moved over from Marshdale Elementary to RMAE back in the fall of 2013 and it was the best decision we could have made. Our children, Paige (5th) and Tyler (1st), absolutely love their teachers – a special shout out to Mrs. Grose, Mrs. Bartelt, Ms. Hushen and Cherie Mazurek! These women know my children so well, even their quirks :) , and have poured out so much time, energy, and care to ensure they are building both knowledge and character. I look forward to Paige and Tyler attending RMAE through 8th grade and encourage other families to hang in here with us. Please consider giving what you can to this campaign… every donation matters.
– Carole & Chris Jackson

Thank you to the 42 families who have given! As of March 15, we are at 71% of our goal!

You can donate online at rmae.org/donate where we are accepting one-time or recurring monthly donations or download and print the Annual Giving Pledge Form and mail or drop-off your contribution to the front office.
(If you would like to share your reasons for why you gave to our Annual Giving Campaign, please email rmaefoundation@rmae.org.)


Dear RMAE Community,

Each day at Rocky Mountain Academy, we bear witness to the impact a single act can have on our entire school community. ONE Random Act of Kindness can inspire the generous deeds of many. ONE question from an inquiring student can create a spirited and impactful conversation. ONE teaching moment can ignite an enduring passion. ONE smile can forge an everlasting friendship.

Nothing could be truer this year for our Annual Giving Campaign. ONE contribution has the power to impact RMAE students, teachers, and staff as we work to provide a sustainable future for our school. Your ONE donation shows your commitment to providing an excellent education for your child/children and demonstrates your support of our school mission – to inspire each student to pursue personal and academic excellence through an intellectually challenging Core Knowledge curriculum within a nurturing environment.

Last year, we raised over $27,000. Your gifts funded 1) a complete overhaul of our technology lab where we were able to replace 31 computers and 2) the installation of new school security system features, which include visitor badging, improved key cards for teachers and staff members, and upgraded door locks and video door monitoring in Building One. Your ONE donation counted, by enhancing the security of your children, our teachers, and our staff, and providing upgraded computers!

With the generous help of the Foundation, Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen’s Tech Lab has gone from an outdated collection of computers that still used floppy disks, to a first rate place for research, composition, and exploration. It is truly incredible to see the strides that the school has made in such a short amount of time to arm its students, and one very lucky Tech Teacher, with such diverse resources to be 21st century citizens and learners.

– Ian Dunbar, Technology Teacher

As a reminder, the RMAE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) committed to the financial stability of our school.  Every year, we pursue this goal through a variety of means, one of which is raising funds through our Annual Giving Campaign.

This year, due to our lower enrollment, budget shortfalls necessitate taking funds from reserves. Therefore, funds raised through our Annual Giving Campaign will go to replenish the school’s reserves, to enhance K-8 programming beyond what the general fund budget can afford, and to support our marketing efforts with the objective of increasing our enrollment.

Your family is a vital paagbutton_shieldrt of our RMAE community and we encourage you to give. Given our low enrollment and subsequent budget constraints, our goal is to raise $45,000 and we are asking every family to give at least $500. That said, we completely understand if this amount is not feasible and encourage you to give what you can. Whether you give $50, $500, or $5,000, together, our individual contributions can make a powerful impact on our school.

Credit Card: You can donate online at rmae.org/donate where we are accepting one-time or recurring monthly donations.

Check: Alternatively, you can download and print the Annual Giving Pledge Form and mail or drop-off your contribution to the front office.

We thank you in advance for your ONE contribution and look forward to a wonderful school year for our children!

Your RMAE Foundation Board

Jarrett Ellis
Joanne Gomez
Chris Lindsay
Jen Fitzgerald
Gretchen Hock
MaryBeth Price
Lindsey Geiger
Carole Jackson
Laurie Scheik


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