Field Trips

Field Trips

RMAE authorizes and encourages field trips for educational purposes provided such trips are properly planned and have been approved by the Director. Parents will be notified about all trips.  Signed permission slips must be returned prior to the trip.  If the permission slip is not returned, the student will remain at school.  A generic field trip permission slip and accompanying student emergency information for field trip forms are available on our website for your convenience.

Overnight Field trips must be planned one month prior to the trip and all forms must be completed and returned to the office no later than 2 weeks before departure (excluding middle school start of school retreats).  A mandatory informational parent meeting will be scheduled to coordinate all paper work in advance (excluding middle school start of school retreats).

Grade K – 5 Field Trips-
Each grade level has field trips throughout the year. Children K – 5 should wear red shirts on field trip day. Bring a water bottle and a bag lunch. Children should wear appropriate clothing i.e. boots, hats, gloves, jackets etc.
Field trip fees are not included in the school fees that are collected by the business office.
Schools include textbooks, age appropriate weekly subscriptions, Specials support fees, assignment books etc.
Costs of trips vary as do the destinations. However K – 5 trips are historically around $10 + each time.

Middle School Trips-
The first trip is 100 Elks. All Middle School grades attend a 2 night 3 day trip to Buena Vista. Costs are modest, roughly under $300.
Grade 7 historically has gone to San Diego for Sea Camp.
Sea Camp may move to an 8th grade experience and the 7th grade trip is still in development as of October 2012.
RMAE is sensitive to the economic concerns of parents of such trips and RMAE wants to continue to support these trips as part of the curriculum.

If you would like to request for scholarship considerations please see the below policy and application. For consideration you must complete the USDE socio-economic form. Currently the amount of scholarship monies available is unknown.

 SEACAMP San Diego (7th Grade)

Deposit due by November 16th – Forms A, B & C and $150.00 . Total cost is $1,150.00. Payments should be made in the amount of $250.00 per month until paid, but must be before the trip.

Flight Information:


FLIGHT ITINERARY: 8-May-2017, Flight# 285 DEN/SAN 8:25 AM – 9:45 AM Nonstop

FLIGHT ITINERARY: 12-May-2017, Flight#  1648 SAN/DEN 03:55 PM – 07:10 PM Nonstop



Snow Mountain Ranch – YMCA of the Rockies (8th Grade)

Total Cost is $235.00, Committal Deposit of $115.00 due by February 13th along with the SMR Waiver (last of of the packet below)

Snow Mountain Ranch Outdoor Education Guide (1)

Letter to Students & Parents-Snow Mountain Ranch

Parent Letter from SMR

SMR Activity Map 2017

Keystone Science School (6th Grade)

Total Cost is $230.00


Website: Keystone Science School