Registration Information-

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen will  begin Registration May 9th. All returning and new to RMAE students must have the following materials.

Items needed to secure registration are as follows;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of updated Immunization
  • Health Inventory
  • Jeffco Connect Summary

These items must be received by the Enrollment Secretary by the End of the Day May 13th.

JeffcoConnect - Click this tab and follow the online directions for JeffcoConnect.  This is the most important step for registration.  This MUST be completed. 

You need to update contact & health information and pay school and registration fees.  Your child will NOT be registered until you have reviewed and submitted each tab of your child’s record including the “Agreements” Tab and the“Summary” page.

Student Fee sheets are coming soon!

Jeffco Student Fee Payment Information

Adventures in Child Care Camp Information

Health Inventory 2016-2017


It is mandatory that parents / guardians register their child(ren) during Registration Period for the upcoming school year. In the event of wait-lists, all students (new and returning) who are not registered by the last day of Registration Week will forfeit their spot on the next year’s roster.

Full day Kindergarten Tuition, Student Fees and Supply Lists.

  1. Full Day Kindergarten has a cost associated with attendance. See our Financial manager for details.  Kindergarten hours are 8:00 am to 3 pm.
  2. RMAE does offer Half Day Kindergarten. Half Day is free. The hours are 8 am to 12:00 pm.
  3. Student Fees apply to all grade levels. These are located under the Enrollment tab / Related Topics / Registration tab on our Website.
  4. Supplies are required for each student in each grade. Supply Lists are located under The Enrollment tab on our website. RMAE is using School Kidz for a grade specific supply box which will include nearly every supply needed for their class.

RMAE and Registration Helpful Hints:

  • Locate the RMAE registration checklist that applies to your student(s).
  • Call your doctor for your Immunization information. All Students must have proof of immunization before attending RMAE. If you have questions or are waiting for updates email Dyann Bartlett Flow chart of immunization law.
  • A Birth Certificate must be provided for each new student before they can begin school.
  • Go into Jeffco Connect to update information.
  • Order Supply Kits by going to the link on the RMAE Home Page or under the Enrollment tab.
  • Read the Jeffco Code of Conduct Policy, under Parent Link.
  • Read the RMAE Family Handbook, under Parent Link.
  • Look up Dress Code in RMAE Family Handbook, under Parent Link.
  • Check out Hot Lunch tab under Parent Link on website.
  • Call RTD Green Bus program for transportation questions 303-944-7474 North Side    303-944-5777 South Side.
  • Join the PTO to start providing the school with your Participation Hourly Requirements! PTO has a link on our website.
  • For After School care call Adventures in Childcare at 303-697-4252.
  • Send any IEP or 504 information to
  • Parents should make reading The Director’s Letter, The School Messenger, and The PTO Blast a weekly ritual.
  • Look in Friday Folders weekly for upcoming events such as Picture Day, Band, Orchestra, Chess Club and many other activities.

Administrative Transfers-

Mid-year transfers (between October 1 and the first day of the second semester) from other Jefferson County Schools will be handled in accordance with the second round application period procedures. Along with the student’s application, the student must also submit a Jefferson County administrative transfer form to RMAE and a copy to their current school. The principal of the current school must approve the outgoing transfer.

Changes In Residence-

A student who becomes a non-Jefferson County resident after enrollment or between school years shall continue to be a RMAE student.


Office hours are from 7:45 am to 3:45 pm on school attendance days.  Wait lists are maintained all summer long and the enrollment secretary will fill any openings during the summer. The Enrollment Secretary will notify a parent and will need a response within 48 hours or will move on to the next child on the wait list. Parents should provide an email and a phone number to assure receiving the call.

The best way to contact the Enrollment Secretary, Susan Murphy is via email at:

Phone: 303-670-1070
Fax: 303-670-1253