October Count and Enrollment After October

October Count

October count is the funding period for Jefferson County Schools. It is imperative that students are in school during the window. The window changes each year but the count date is October 1st.  Any student not attending must have a Known Absence Form turned into the Front Office/Teachers. Any sick student must be called in and the office will record the event.

Enrollment After October

RMAE will accept students, if a space is available, through the first day of Semester 2 (usually mid January).  Parents interested in sending their children to RMAE should call the Enrollment Secretary to schedule a tour or student shadow day.

RMAE will not accept 8th grade applicants after the October 1st Count date.

The only exception are situations where the 8th grade applicant has a sibling entering grades K – 7 at the same time.

The Jefferson County public school enrollment count that determines school funding is established on or near October 1st each year.  Jeffco schools all receive the same amount of funding per pupil which is called Per Pupil Revenue (PPR). Charters (including RMAE) only receive the PPR. All other funding is conducted by our PTO, the School or The Foundation.

Students who enroll after the October Count date are not added to a school’s October Count number, so the school does not receive funding for these students; the students’ original school retains that funding.