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Enrollment in a charter school is a choice enrollment under Jefferson County’s School Board Policy JFBA and Regulation JFBA-R. Under the choice enrollment policy a student who is accepted into the school is accepted for the span of grades of that school, and is not required to reapply each year for admittance.

The school in which the choice enrolled student is admitted becomes the “home” school of the student for the span of grades of that school. Should a parent and student wish to return to their “neighborhood” public school, they would have to apply through Jefferson County’s choice enrollment to the neighborhood school for admittance.

Mid year administrative transfers occurring after October 1st must be approved by the principal of both the school the student is currently attending and the principal of the receiving school.  If the student is not admitted through choice enrollment and the administrative transfer is denied, the student would continue to be enrolled at Rocky Mountain Academy.

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