Weekly Plans 7th Grade

If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 

​Monday 1/28
Final draft of Personal Narrative due on GC
Reading day and snow day. No homework.

Tuesday/Wednesday 1/29 1/30
-Call of the Wild Unit starts -Pre read prediction sheet
-Jack London intro video with guided notes: 
-Hand out vocab list 1
-Read chapter one in class
Homework: Read chapter 2
Two vocab activities due next class
Thursday/Friday 1/31 2/1
-Survival of the fittest-- instinct vs training
-Double bubble map- What do you need to learn vs what instinct do you have to
survive in the Yukon?
-Connect: What are the primitive instincts that Buck uses? 
-Read Chapter 3 aloud
Homework: Read chapters 4 and 5 for class on Monday

Monday 2/4
- Slap it Vocab Review
- Vocab Quiz on part one of CotW
-Hand out part two vocab-- ONE activity due next class
- Read chapter 6 when done with the test
Homework: Finish chapter six before next class period. One vocab activity due next

Tuesday/Wednesday 2/5 2/6
- Due: One vocab activity for part two
- "A fool and his folly" close reading exercise
- Thesis writing and brainstorming lesson
What was the biggest conflict Buck had to overcome and why? 
Write a thesis
- In- class writing
Homework: Finish the book for next class!

Thursday/Friday 2/7 2/8
*Mrs. O'Connor is gone!

- Internal vs external conflicts in CotW
- Short answer in class writing-- What does Buck need to overcome to survive?
MUST have a thesis!
Homework: Start studying for the final test!

Monday 2/11
 Mini lesson: Context clues
- Independent reading time

Tuesday 2/12 (Split block!) 
Parent teacher conferences 4-8

Wednesday 2/13
Half day- noon dismissal for PTC
- Get study guide for CotW 
Tea and reading day! Bring your favorite mug and some tea. 

Friday -- No school!
Monday-- No school!

Tuesday/Wednesday 2/19 2/20
- Slap it vocab review for part II vocab
- Call of the Wild Unit Test
Thursday/Friday 2/21 2/22
- Begin The Holocaust unit
- Choose book group books (on Google Classroom!)
- Introduce The Holocaust: Definitions and genocide
Homework: Get a journal or notebook to keep as a diary-- you'll be creating your own primary source
Monday 2/25
- Reading day

Tuesday/Wednesday 2/26 2/27
- Primary source work and discussion -- world cafe
HW: Book of the quarter due next Wednesday at the latest
Rights of a Child discussion
How can you connect this to the book that you're reading? 
Compare/contrast two documents
- Book club meeting #1
- Introduce research project for genocides that have happened since
Thursday/Friday 2/28 2/29

- Begin Children of the Holocaust study
- Picture questioning and discussion
- Survivor testimony
HW: Book of the quarter due Wednesday at the latest. Not able to turn in after Wednesday (no late work accepted!)

Monday March 4
- Compare/contrast Rights of a Child (turn in!)
- Survivor testimony
HW: Begin reading book club books. BOQ is due Wednesday, no late work accepted

Tuesday/Wednesday March 5/6
- Jewish Resistance lecture/notes -- check Holocaust folder for the PowerPoint
- Questions about survivor testimony/writings for Jewish Resistance-- turn in
- Book club meeting #1 -- check with book club members to make sure you're on the
right page
HW: Read book club book to page specified by group. Finish anything not done in class. Start book of the quarter for next quarter. 
Thursday/Friday March 7/8
- Book club meeting #2
- iWitness Webquest -- email Mrs. O'Connor if you need the code to get into the class
HW: Finish webquest if not done. Keep reading the book club book. Write in journals.

Monday March 11
- Book club meeting
- iWitness followup -- go back and read the comments that were left on your webquest from R/F. Reply if needed.
- Start next Webquest: Non-Violent Resistance among Jews during the Holocaust. Be through "Consider" by next class period.
HW: Keep reading book club book. Write in journal. Be through "Consider" part of the webquest. 
Tuesday March 12
HW: Finish the webquest on iWitness-- make sure you submit it on the final page of the webquest. Turn in the graphic organizer that goes along with the assignment.

Wednesday/Thursday: Snow days!

Friday March 15
- Finish survivor testimony on iWitness
- Start survivor testimony assignment-- questions for resistance testimony
HW: Questions on survivor testimony are due Monday

Monday March 18
- Partisan resistance work-- read and work on answering questions
- Turn in the questions we worked on in class!
HW: Finish partisan questions if not done in class. If you missed class, look at the 7th grade assignment page. Check the powerpoint and the website I link there for the reading. 
Tuesday-- Testing, no class

Wednesday March 20
- Abba Kovner -- read and have a discussion
- Introduce book club final project
- Book club meeting
- HW: Read for book club. Remember: Must be done by April 4th. 
Missing work
Keep writing in your diary/journals

Monday April 1
- Start book club final project. See the unit powerpoint for the specifics on what needs to be included.
HW: Do your part of the book club final project

Wednesday April 3
- Genocide Case Study: Group Activity
- Split up who does what questions and start working
- Find the packets on the country and the questions under "7th Grade Assignments" > "Holocaust" 
- Genocide Case Study is due at the end of class on Friday
HW: Finish genocide case study questions. We'll make posters on Friday.
Keep working on your part for the book club final project.

Friday April 5
- Work time for genocide case study. If finished, work on the book club final project.
Genocide case study poster and questions due at the end of class. 
HW: Book club projects due Wednesday, April 10th. There will be little to no class time to finish it, so it must be finished during study hall/at home. 

Monday/Wednesday April 22/24
- Read and mimic poetry
"Turtle Came to See Me" and "Ode to the Hotel by Children's Hospital" 
HW: Finish poems if not finished in class. Turn in note catcher for poetic devices and illustrating poetry. 

- Check Journals
- Field trip to art museum

- Read and mimic poems
- Introduce final project: which you can see here
HW: Continue to revise and write poems

Monday 4/29
Haiku Day! Write as many Haikus in the class period as you can.
7B: Found poems as well.
HW: 7A: Revise and finish haikus
7B: Finish found poems. Due next class period.

Tuesday 4/30
Gallery walk for history projects for first half of class
7A: Construct found poems and concrete poems
7B: Concrete Poems
HW: Anything not finished in class. You should have at least eight poems written all together. 

Wednesday 5/1
MAPS testing

Thursday 5/2

Friday 5/3
MAPS testing

Sea Camp!!!

Monday 5/13
Write our tenth and final poem: Nature!!

Start to put together your final drafts of your poems and put them in your books. This will mostly  need to be something you do at home/during study hall. This is the only time you will have to work on this in my class.
HW: Finish putting together your poetry book! 

Tuesday 5/14
Science Innovation Day

Wednesday 5/15
Poetry Slam! Come in your best hipster, underground, poetry slam clothing. Scarfs and black clothing are preferred. 
You're going to be reading one of your poems to the class. Pick any one you want!

Hand out Greek and Latin Roots Assignment-- rest of class go through your warm ups to complete the key.
HW: Complete the key with all of the roots and the words that come from those roots. If you don't finish this, you're going to have a hard time with the rest of the week. Ask if you have questions. All of the words should be in your warm ups from the year!

Thursday 5/16
Due: Sheets with your different words for each root
- Introduce freezes and palm tree study tools
- Cootie catchers
- Practice Sheets

Friday 5/17
Study packet-- check in class. Keep to use for the rest of the assignments!
- Word Bingo
- Slap It!
- Practice test where you can use your notes

Monday 5/20
Review stations:
- Pictionary, skits, slap it, bingo
- Create four of your own original words using prefixes, suffixes, and the roots we have learned. This will be your final for the unit, including turning in all your study materials.

Tuesday 5/21
Start cleaning out lockers and desks. Clean classroom.
Review the year: What would change, add, make different?
- Write a letter to your new social studies teacher.
HW: Finish the letter if you didn't in class

Wednesday 5/22 
Watch Christopher Robin as an entire seventh grade
HW: Take home the stuff in your locker!!

Thursday 5/23
Say goodbye!
Don't forget to do your summer homework!!

Clean lockers, the hallway, move furniture, noon dismissal woohoo!