Weekly Plans

8th Grade

 If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 

Monday 8/19
- First day of school
- Syllabus review and get to know you activities 
- Set up English binder
DUE: Summer reading homework
Assigned: Syllabus signature, t-shirt, and student surveysDue next class period!

Tuesday/Wednesday 8/20-21
- Plot and short story introduction lecture
Essential Notes and guided notes
DUE: First day activities

Thursday/Friday 8/22-23
Mrs. O'Connor is out! :( 
- Book speed dating (TURN IN!)  
- Pass out vocab activities/list --  two due Monday
Heidegger's Vocab Words
HW: 2 vocab activities due Monday/Tuesday
Monday 8/26
- MAPS testing -- Reading
DUE: 2 vocab activities

Tuesday 8/27
MAPS-- Language Usage

Wednesday-Friday: 100 Elk

Monday: No School

Tuesday/Wednesday 9/3-4
- Read Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
- Sign into GC and make sure it works
- Start comprehension questions on GC due by Friday
HW: Comprehension Questions

Thursday/Friday 9/5-6
Vocab test
Independent reading time
Point of View PPT lesson

Monday 9/9
Mini lesson on semicolons
Ppt on Conflicts in literature
HW: Brainstorm three conflicts for your own short story. Due Thursday/Friday

Tuesday/Wednesday 9/10-11
Class discussion: Which is more humane: Life in prison or the death penalty?
Read and lit circle "The Bet". - Turn in lit circle sheets (see me if you missed this and I'll give you a redo/alternative assignment)
HW: Have the three conflicts for your short story thought out by next class period

Thursday/Friday 9/12-13
Appositives Lesson
Appositive WS/Check for understanding - TURN IN! (Only hard copies-- see me for a copy if you need one)
Read "God Sees the Truth but Waits" 
Plot scavenger hunt - due Monday if not finished in class
HW: Plot scavenger hunt due Monday

Monday/Tuesday 9/16-17 (blocking all week due to short week)
Turn in Plot Scavenger Hunt
Read "The Cold Equations" aloud (audio)
Get ready to do in class writing next block. Prompt: What does Godwin's story say about what it means to be human? Use specific examples from the text to demonstrate your answer.
This needs to be written in claim/support/commentary format, and there's only one paragraph required. 
HW: Prep for in class writing