8th Grade Weekly Plans

8th Grade

 If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 

Monday 10/14
Due: Trading card packet check
Intro final project choices and rubric
HW: Decide on which final project you're going to be doing. Work on final draft of trading cards (due Thursday/Friday)

Tuesday/Wednesday 10/15-16
Work time for descriptive writing assignment-- due next block period
HW: Finish descriptive writing if not done in class. Work on trading cards.

Turn in descriptive writing assignment and trading cards
Reading day! Get caught up/ready for book of the month due on 10/31
Start working on the final project for The Outsiders
HW: Start working on your final project

Monday 10/21
Work time for Outsiders final project

Work time for Outsiders final project

Block all week for week of 10/28

Newsela article (highlight in red the words you don't know/understand and take the quiz)
Intro rhetoric unit -- guided notes and political ads
Finish watching "The Outsiders" (if time)
HW: Newsela if not done in class
Book of the month due on Thursday

DUE: Book of the month!!!
Claim/Support/Commentary lesson -- notes and practice
Who done it? Practice -- write up due at the end of class
HW: Start next book of the month
Finish write up if not done in class -- due on GC by Friday at midnight

Monday 11/4: 
Choosing a topic -- overview and begin to work on it
GC assignment #011 -- due by Tuesday night
HW: GC #011 due Tuesday night

Tuesday/Wednesday 11/5-11/6
SOAPSTone lesson  (slides 27-34)
Practice with Oprah's speech
Make your ultimate decision about what you're going to write about -- turn in on GC #011.5
HW: Do 30 minutes of research on your topic and type out your findings for GC assignment #012. This is due before you come to class on Thursday/Friday. 

Thursday/Friday 11/7-11/8
Rebuttal lesson (slide 38 on powerpoint)
Assignment #014 on GC for rebuttals
Time for research and catch-up
HW:Work on rough draft of your outline. Due Wednesday next week.

Monday 11/11
Thesis statement presentation and work
Turn in assignment #015 with your thesis statement to get feedback from Mrs. O'Connor
Work time for thesis statements -- due by midnight on 11/11
HW: Thesis statements due midnight 11/11