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Hi and welcome to my Spanish website! I'm excited to share my love of the Spanish
language with your child/children this year at RMAE.  A little bit "About Me:" I grew
up in Pennsylvania with my twin sister, Cathy, my other sister, Linda and my brother, Paul
and moved here to CO 13 years ago (and am never leaving!).
I have three children, who also is here with me at RMAE: Bella, 8th grade, Rowan,
5th grade and Everett, 2nd grade. We have been up in Evergreen for three years now 
and I find myself asking myself why I waited so long to move up here! I also
have a dog named Joe Joe, who is 4. 

Yearssss ago, I earned my B.S. in Criminal Justice from Penn State (WE ARE!) after 
5 years. I studied Spanish for a semester in college and, before Penn State, studied 4 
years of Spanish in high school. It wasn't until my career as a Border Patrol Agent in
2000 that my Spanish really started to flourish! I attended their academy in Charleston
South Carolina for five long months, intensely studying over 200 hours of the Spanish 
language along with other courses, such as immigration, criminal and nationality law in 
addition to firearms training (I proudly graduated as a marksman).

After 5 months, I was stationed in Willcox, Arizona, where I worked with the Spanish
population and was immersed in the Spanish culture on a daily basis. I worked down on
the border of Mexico during 9/11 and responded to sensors in the desert daily. While this
was a fantastic experience, my heart was in the teaching field and I decided to pursue my dream of being a Spanish teacher. 

After the Border Patrol, I returned to school and received my Spanish certification after
2 years, while substitute teaching in the meantime. I taught high school in PA for 2 years, before relocating to CO, where I decided to stay at home to raise my three children.
I returned to teaching Spanish four years ago and am excited to share my Spanish knowledge with my students at RMAE.

Outside of school, I enjoy the outdoors and hiking with my three children (or by myself =-))
Most recently, I completed my FIRST 14er (Mt. Bierstadt)! It was awesome and I can't wait to do
another one soon! I am also a Group Fitness teacher at Anytime Fitness in Conifer (well, actually
I was pre-Covid) where I teach a Body Pump class and enjoy getting a much-needed workout in.
You may also see me running (or trying to!) the switchbacks on Green Mountain while my kids are at Taekwondo or running Elk Meadow. I also enjoy doing box jumps up the Red Rocks stairs!! 
The outdoors are so beautiful here in CO and I am very grateful to be able
to have them as my "backyard."