8th Grade Weekly Plans

8th Grade

 If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 

Monday/Tuesday 12/2-3
NWEA testing

Wednesday/Thursday 12/4-5
Intro Animal Farm unit
Pick classroom jobs
Learn about allegory (ppt on GC)
Start reading Animal Farm
HW: Be through chapter 5 (to chapter 6) by Monday
Watch the two videos that are posted on GC

Monday 12/9
Vocab quiz on chpts 1-3
8A: Animal Farm character parallels
8B: Newsela Animal Farm
Read chapter 6 in class
HW: Read to chapter 9 (through chapter 8) 
Finish Newsela assignment on Google Classroom
Chapters 7-8 vocab (2) due on Thursday/Friday

Tuesday/Wednesday 12/10-11
Vocab Quiz on 4-6
Characterization lesson -- Animal Profiles (group work to be finished in class)
Writing Assignment-- Assign and start working (group essay)
HW: Finish the book by next class period. 
Writing assignment due at the end of the next class period (you'll have an hour of work time)

Vocab for 7-8 due 
Work time for writing assignment -- due at the end of class
Hand out study guide
Review activity for Animal Farm -- write your own questions/answers for peers. These questions will become part of your final test.
HW: Study guide

Monday 12/16
Vocab 9-10 due
In class writing
HW: Study! Final next class period

Final for Animal Farm

Watch the movie Animal Farm