Annual Giving

RMAE has grown tremendously since it’s founding and now serves over 400 students in pre-school through 8th grade. In the last several years we moved from a small, rented location, to our own buildings on a few acres next to beautiful Elk Meadow Open Space Park. In 2010, we completed a build-out of a formerly unused 8,000 square foot basement. That ‘lower level’ facility is home to a new cafeteria and our curriculum ‘specials’ (music, art, Spanish and technology).

While we’ve grown and now serve more families than ever, the public funding that is the school’s primary income has substantially declined. Since 2007, when we moved to our new campus, and put up a bond to fund the land and buildings, Per Pupil Revenue (PPR) from the county has been reduced by about $1,000. This annual reduction of anywhere between $300,000-$400,000 has put tremendous strain on annual budgets, forcing very tough decisions.

So, if you would, please consider a generous donation of at least $600/child. And if you’re able, please consider a donation enough to cover 1 or 2 other students whose families may not be able to donate as much. YOU CAN CHOOSE A ONE TIME DONATION OR SETUP RECURRING MONTHLY DONATIONS TO FULFILL YOUR PLEDGE. Or if you’d prefer, you can write a check to RMAE Foundation (Memo: Annual Giving), and either drop it off at our office or with the front desk.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, the Foundation has an office at the school (adjacent to the library) and employs a part-time Development Assistant, Tami Courtney, to manage the operation.