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Medication agreement form (924)form - All medications/prescription or over the counter must come to the clinic in it’s original container and accompany a 924 medication form.

Health Inventory

Anaphylaxis SHP standard 2010 -Plans that have Epi-Pens

Asthma_Care_Plan…to have Inhalers at school

All medications (prescriptions and OTC) should be brought to the clinic along with a Medication Agreement form that must be completed by the parent (these forms are also available on our website).  Students are not allowed to carry any medications (prescription or non-prescription) with them unless it has been pre-authorized by the Area Nurse Consultant and the student’s physician.  This includes cough drops, saline and medicated lip balm.  RMAE employees are not authorized to dispense medications of any type (prescription or non-prescription) without written permission from a parent/guardian.

Non-Prescription Medication – Non-prescription medications must be provided by a parent/guardian in their original container with manufactures directions/dosages clearly marked on the label/box.  We cannot accept pills/capsules in a baggie.  Non-prescription medications can only be administered for up to two weeks consecutively without a physician’s authorization.

Prescription Medication – Prescription drugs must be provided by a parent/guardian in the original pharmacy container with the label specifying the child’s name, type of drug, dosage instructions, dates dispensed, doctor’s name and pharmacy name with phone number. We are not permitted to administer a different dosage than what the prescription reads.  If the medication is to be given at school on a routine basis, or if the dosage increases or decreases, we must have a Medication Agreement signed by your child’s physician.  The office staff will help obtain the physician’s signature if a fax number is provided.  Some pharmacies will provide you with 2 containers so that you may keep one at home and the other at school.

Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions or concerns.

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