Excused Absences

Excused Absences

Excused absences include illness, doctor visits and absences approved via the RMAE Known Absence Policy beforehand or those absences which have been verified by contacting the office.

If your student is ill or is going to miss part of the day for a medical appointment, we ask that you call the school and leave a message on the attendance line or speak with someone in the office to have the excused absence recorded. If we do not hear from you and your student is absent, you will receive a call from the school to verify the situation and insure the safety of your child.

Until we hear from you, the student will be marked unverified absent (which is considered an unexcused absence).

Students may make-up work from excused absences.  They have two days for each missed day to make up work.  They may collect the work on the first day of returning.  The Known Absence Request provides opportunity to get work ahead of the absence.  Teachers will do their best to assist in “catching-up” students due to illness, family emergencies, and the like.  In the event of Excused absences of the vacation or recreation variety, teachers will not be expected to assist in make-up work or concept duplication.

If your child has been recorded with 10 excused absences, you can expect to receive a letter of concern from RMAE. If your child has 15 or more excused absences, you may be asked to (1) provide doctor excuses for absences due to illness; (2) meet with the Director to form a remedial attendance plan, (3) work with the Director and teacher(s) to develop an academic recovery plan, or any combination thereof.

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