Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

K – Smit

Name: Emily Smit

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Originally from: Iowa

About: I love the outdoors! Transplanting myself to Colorado has enabled me to live my passion for the outdoors Hiking, biking, running, camping- you name it, I do it!

Favorite Quote: “Everything I needed to learn, I learned in kindergarten”

Interesting Fact: I was born a fish, not literally, but love to be in the water! I teach swim lessons, coach swim team, and lifeguard at the neighborhood pool!

Personal Message: Whatever it takes. Live life with no regrets. Never give up.

Core Knowledge:

Schedule: 8:00- Arrive/Morning Activity, 8:20- Morning Circle, 8:30-9:45- Reading, 9:45-10:30- Bathroom Break/AM Recess, 10:30-11:10- Math, 11:15- Specials, 12:00-12:45- Lunch/PM Recess, 12:45-1:25- Bathroom Break/D.E.A.R. time, 1:30-2:30- CORE Knowledge, 2:30- Free Choice Centers/Story, 2:50- Get ready to go home, 3:00- out to PickUp

Important Information: ALL important, need to know info will be posted in a weekly blog, aka class newsletter. Please visit every Friday to read my weekly comments for you!

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