Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

1st – Riedlin

Name: Christine Riedlin

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Originally from: I was born in La Jolla, California and went to High School near Washington, DC.  I attended University of Colorado and eventually moved to Evergreen from Anchorage,  Alaska.  (Important fact to think about - I NEVER think it is TOO cold to go outside!)  I have been in Evergreen since 1999!

About:  I went to college to be an artist.  I then realized that I might not be able to make enough money to eat… so I double majored in Environmental Science.  One of my first jobs was teaching computer graphics to organizations all over the world.  When I had children, I decided to quit traveling and got a job teaching in a local college.  Then one day I took my son to Preschool and I never left!  This will be my 5th year teaching first grade.  That son is just graduated college and is working in Nashville.  My baby girl attends Dartmouth College.  In my free time I enjoy anything outdoors, reading, gardening, painting, and traveling.

Favorite Quote:  Be who you are and say what you feel!  Because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter!

Favorite Flower: Dandelion

Favorite Rock: Amethyst

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: CHOCOLATE

Interesting Fact:  I have visited every state in the United States.  Now I want to visit every country in the world next!

Personal Message: Try to learn something new everyday.

Core Knowledge: In first Grade we learn about almost everything!  My classroom library has books ranging from wordless books to adult books.  We get to spend lots of time reading~writing~and playing with words!  In math we work to become really solid on our addition and subtraction facts as well as begin to think flexibly about numbers.  In science we study about animals and habitats, matter, electricity, geology, and space.  In social studies we learn about some ancient civilizations live Mesopotamia, Egypt, Maya, Aztecs, Incas and the beginning history of our own civilization~ The United States of America.  Within these units we learn about history, geography, economics, and sociology (What??? Ancient Egyptian girls didn’t get to go to school! No Fair!)

Schedule:  Our schedule varies daily.

Important Information: Everything is important and nothing to too important!


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