Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

5th – Vick

Name: Mona Vick


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A bit about Miss Vick:

  • Originally from Amarillo, TX, but has been in Colorado since 1976 via California.
  • Has been teaching for more than ten years and is a licensed principal.
  • Is a veteran to Core Knowledge; has been involved in several Charters including assisting with the inaugural year of Imagine Charter School in Frederick, CO

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m Possible’” Audrey Hepburn–I believe that every student is a possibility regardless of their background or learning abilities.  My goal as an educator is to give each unique individual all the resources and support needed to be a life long learner.

I am the proud mother of two amazing children.  Jacq is twenty-two and is attending college in Grand Junction, CO.  She is pursuing a career as an author and has recently publish an ebook through Amazon,  “Proper Places”.   James is nineteen and is an EOD specialist in the US Army.  I love traveling, visiting museums, and reading.  I am very involved with my church, which I helped start eight years ago, working with the youth.  I sing and play the piano for the worship team.  I have been to several countries such as China, Haiti, and Korea on mission trips.  My dream is to some day visit Italy.


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